Salabhasana day

I thought the Salabhasanas official Shala debut was going to be cancelled. The Olympics are over and the abysmal Sunday train service returns, nearly 2 hours for what should be a 33 minute train ride. Three different excuses and two trains, it’s a joke after this weeks announcement about above inflation fare increases.

Eventually we arrive and J punches the door code and we are in and despite being busy there are still a couple of spaces for our mats. It’s the hottest day of the year and the Shala is a Sauna, waterfalls of sweat coming from places I didn’t know I had places! I usually love the heat, but after 2 hours of being cattle before even doing a Surya A, the heat makes it hard work and energy sapping. Left alone until UHP, “relax your jaw” is V’s mantra!

By the time I got to the end of Primary my Yogitoes was saturated, I had sweated off enough of any excess to bind Pasasana, even if my stubborn heals won’t go down. At least the heat is good for the Hamstrings, Krounchasana is getting better, even on the second side.

So finally it’s time for Salabhasana to make it’s entrance, ok I have had some practice this week since Louise told me it’s time to add this on, with the odd bit of advice from people who know, about the big toes pressing together, inward rotation of the thighs and relaxing the butt. It’s harder than it looks, a bit like an upside-down Navasana, but definitely doable. I must have been doing it right as Louise watched, but left me to it as I sweated through 5 breaths in Salabhasana A then 5 in B.

All that and backbends still to come, by this point my mat had no traction control left, 5 UD’s then 3 drop backs and crappy stand ups as I tried to rise up before my hands slid out from under me. Followed by assisted half ways then the drop and walk in plan, was I glad of that Paschimot squash.

After adding these three new postures in just a few weeks I’m starting to feel them now. They were novel to begin with, but are now taking over the time and energy previously employed in learning to drop back and stand up. As Dena said it doesn’t ever get easier, just longer!


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