Bhekasana now!

Well if last weeks journey was stressful, today it was nothing short of tortuous. The first 2 replacement buses were cancelled, they just didn’t tell anyone, least of all the passengers and the third Bus arrived then broke down, so 3 & 3/4hrs after I left home I finally rolled out my mat at the Shala.

Louise told me not to rush, just enjoy my practice,but after a journey like that it takes a while for the mind to stop composing letters of complaint and get with the breath, Bandhas and drishte. It wasn’t until I got adjusted in Prasarita C that I was mentally in the room. I was conscious of time now my practice is lengthening again. Nice assists in Tiriang Mukha and Mari A, before losing the Supta K race. I was so drenched by the time I got to Garbha I didn’t even need to look for the spray bottle!

Pasasana, Krounchasana and the new Salabhasana A and B felt good and I moved on to Urdva Dhanurasana as time was running out, but L came over after I had only done one and to my surprise said it was time to add Bekhasana ! This is all coming so unexpectedly fast. She had to show me how the hands go, but I seem to have dyslexic hands, I am going to have to work this out, it feels impossible to turn the hand over the toes, something really new to work on, I think I have only tried Bekhasana a couple of times at workshops, thinking I don’t need to worry, as I’m never going to get that far!

Getting another new posture just two weeks after being given the last one was a surprise, I think it’s a safe bet that Bekhasana is going to take a while to work out, but it was a nice early Birthday present.

I’m certainly beginning to feel the Five postures of second added on to my usual Primary, by the time I got to backbends for the second time I was tired. I really just need a stress free journey to start with.


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