Birthday practice

First cake of the day

A much quicker and less stressful commute into the city this morning for my Birthday practice I’m glad to say. Short walk to C’s new Shala near Brick Lane to take probably my last chance to practice with her before she leaves us for a while and a rare chance to catch up with some of the yoga folk I havn’t seen in far too long.


Olympic mascot in keeping with Brick Lane

A year ago we had just finished Sharath’s week in London and I was looking forward to handing my notice in and going to Mysore, practice then was still difficult at Garbha and standing up wasn’t anywhere near happening. This morning Cary asked me where my practice is at, i said it’s a lot different to the last time i practised with her, though most of the change has happened in the last couple of months, explaining that now I’m up to Bhekasana, somewhere I never expected to get to.

Lots of tweaks and prods in standing, she never says much, but the muscles seem to know what the prod is trying to achieve. Seated getting my hands lower down my feet in Tiriang M. And squashing my nose beyond my knee in Mari A, I had half forgotten how strong she is! Widening my legs in Upavistha and laughing as I crashed down from Supta Konasana.


Kino’s new book

I had done Pasasana and was about to move on, but got called to do it again with assistance, before she then went through the correct vinyasa to get into Krounchasana, ie jumping through with the straight leg off the ground. I remembered Susan’s advice about the toes, ankles and knees in Salabhasana, but still can’t get my hands and toes around Bhekasana, still only the 2nd day of trying that one.

Left alone in backbends, she watched me do UD then drop back and stand up, before squashing me. With C you can’t switch off in closing, drishte and mudra she’s on you to the end. Great to practice with her and everyone again


Yummy Maple Syrup Candy, I’m surprised it got home untouched !

After practice it’s time for tea and cake, before heading home for cards and pressies. Kino’s new book, togs, chocolate, maple syrup candy (thanks Susan) and an Angry Birds mug.


Angry Birds


6 Responses to “Birthday practice”

  1. D Says:

    Sounds like a perfect birthday practice – that mug really cracks me up! Happy birthday Kevin!!

  2. globie Says:

    Chock chip cookie sounds good. When you are in Mysore and visit the “Chocolate Man”, as you will, look out for the home made bags of cookies he sells too, they are very tasty.

    Angry Birds was the first App I ever put on my phone, last year my Sis gave me soft Angry Birds that you squeeze and they make the noise. Thanks for the link, ate you a fan too?

    • D Says:

      Uh oh – I’m a choc chip cookie freak, that stand will be a test of self-control 😉

      I like Angry Birds enough but I wouldn’t call myself a fan….the game is addictive but the ergonomics of playing on an iPhone are enough to deter me from playing for too long.

      • globie Says:

        I actually lost weight in Mysore despite the chocolate man!
        I have Angry Birds on my IPad, easier than playing on the phone!

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