Do no Evil!

Ashtangi’s do have a great sense of humour, as we chatted this morning over post practice croissants and Tea about Asana and injuries somehow we got on to whether yoga makes you a better person. Jen came out with the comment that “Yoga doesn’t make us better people, it just leaves us too knackered to actually do anything evil”!

After 2 hours of sweating through full primary and five poses of second I think she has a point. At least a stress free journey this week and a nice unrushed practice as I created my own little Lake. I know how hot the Shala is by the river that always pours off my knee as I bend forward in Ardha Badha Padang.

My five intermediate postures don’t take that long even though they seem hard work, assisted in Bhekasana, my right hand at least in the right place after Phillipa’s advice yesterday and more emphasis this week on the bend in the upper back, Louise pulling my shoulders back.

Drop backs, well the standing up part was a challenge due to my saturated very slippery allegedly non slip mat towel, it’s getting to the point where I’m going to need a second one just for backbends! I tried turning the mat over but the dots were slippy, then the other way round to try and find enough grip to push back up to standing, eventually I managed the three before Emma assisted in the half way and walking in.

Shala practices two days in a row, I need this more often.


2 Responses to “Do no Evil!”

  1. Anne Bain Says:

    Kevin- sorry to respond in this manner- I don’t have your email address.

    I downloaded your Mysore Map from Lulu, as I leave in 3 weeks for my first trip to KPJAYI. Unfortunately, both maps “cut-off” on the sides, taking away precious information. Can you email me a full map of “around the shala” and “further afield”? Thank you

    • globie Says:

      Hi Anne,

      Not sure what “Reader” you have, but the Lulu book is ok on my iPad. I have emailed you copies of both maps, the “Map key” is listed separately in the download for ease. Have a great trip

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