Bhekasana cramp



An impromptu extra practice at TLC this morning with Phillipa. Five of us this morning, good to see. A chilly morning, the Radiators cranked up and the sun coming in to warm up The Loft.


Shala view over Notting Hill roof tops.

Lots of great help as usual and a laugh to prove she sometimes reads this blog, “I bet that’s easier now!”, when I was lifting up between Navasana’s, referring to the weight that’s fallen off of late! Great assisted Supta K into Dwi Pada exit.

Phillipa was waiting for me at Pasasana, nice to be bound up and my heals getting down much further. Bhekasana hands are still not quite working, the right hand is kind of getting there, but the left can’t work it out. P showed me again but then I got chronic cramp in my right leg, so i had to spend a few minutes stretching it out before carrying on. I was going to start backbends, but Phillipa wanted to adjust me in Bhekasana, so we did it again. Why i suddenly cramped in Bhekasana is a mystery, though P reckoned the preceding postures tighten the hamstrings. It’s funny how knackering these extra postures are.

Assisted UD then the drop back game, that was a struggle today, just couldn’t get up, Phillipa asked if I wanted her to bring me up, but I was determined to stand up on my own and eventually managed it. Doing the first one is always the issue, once I come up then I can do it. I needed that squash in Paschimot afterwards.



A nice extra Shala practice, next Saturday Kino’s led Primary.


2 Responses to “Bhekasana cramp”

  1. Nobel Says:

    Breakfast looks delicious! Is that a chocolate croissant? 😉

    If you don’t mind some unsolicited advice, I also go through periods of having leg cramps. According to my teacher in Milwaukee (PJ Heffernan), they are very likely due to calcium-magnesium deficiencies in the body. He suggested that I take cal-mag supplements, but my cramps went away on their own, so I didn’t take them. But I just thought I’d share, FWIW.

    From reading your blog posts, it sounds like you have a beautiful practice 🙂

    • globie Says:

      Hi Nobel,

      Yep Pain au Chocolate and Tea after practice has to be done!

      Was the first time I have had a cramp like that, it was quite sudden as I pulled on the foot in Bhekasana, thanks for the tip, I will see how tomorrow goes.

      Practice seems to have shot forward since mid July when I learned to stand up, i never thought I would ever get this far,I’m surprised how much physically the new intermediate poses are taking. But it’s good and I continue to enjoy my practice

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