Coming and Going


Back to AYL today after last Sunday’s moon day, nice to be back after two weeks away and practising on my own apart from yesterday. Steady practice, nice assists in the usual places, PPC, UHP, Supta K and Baddha Konasana, my nose hasn’t been getting to the floor much in the last couple of weeks.

Intermediate is “coming”, up to Salabhasana B is good, then my right hand-wrist is getting Bhekasana, alas the left is struggling to work this out, all feels like it’s the wrong way up, round, whatever. Bhekasana is also turning out to be physically harder than it looks. Tried on my own, then V took time out to show me, rotating the thumbs downwards was her advice, the right gets it, I tried again then Louise came over and got me to do it again so she could adjust it, so that I could get the backbend as well as the feet. After mini Bhekasana boot camp I was knackered. At least I didn’t get cramp today.

Urdva Dhanurasana wasn’t very deep and I couldn’t walk my hands in very far, my arms weren’t straight either, after 4 I decided I had better do drop backs before I ran out of energy. The dropping back was good, but I walked the hands and rocked and crashed and just couldn’t come up, standing up seems to be “going”. Eventually Louise took pity and came over and did assisted. She said I can do it, it’s the fatigue at the end of a long practice and the mental part which has gone missing, she said the more you think about it, instead of just doing it, the harder it becomes, to the point that however hard you try it won’t happen. She did 5 assisted With me and said to “let it go” for today and do it again tomorrow. It’s still frustrating knowing I could do it yesterday.


Yet again next Sunday is another Moon day, but luckily it’s the weekend of Kino’s London workshops. The backbend session should help.


The Shala has also gained some more of the cartoons I notice, “The truth about headstands” and the brilliant Mysore morning info graphic.


4 Responses to “Coming and Going”

  1. Ragdoll Says:

    Knowing how erratic I am in reading/commenting, I’d better wish you luck for Kino’s workshop now! Hope you have a fab time.

  2. Maria C Says:

    ha – i love the infographic… but they should do a “real world” ashtangi infographic, which would include the ‘night before’ planning of the next days clothes for work, the breakfast and lunch making, the stuffing of everything into the backpack, and the fingers crossed the the bus/tube/tram is on-time so you can get to practise. . Then after practise it should have the frantic changing into work clothes in a tiny communal changing room (if ur lucky!); the rushing for the bus/tube/tram to get to work; and then getting to work and realising you forgot your quinoa salad again….. 😉

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