Kino weekend

Friday night
Looking at Muhla and Udiyana bandha. Who knew sitting still could be made so hard! To engage the core not only in the posture but to think about keeping the connection when we exit, not collapsing . Injuries happen when we disentage physically as well as mentally. Guruji said only 3 times in life should we disengage the Bandha, Savasana, sleeping and on the toilet. Kino talked about burning through Samskaras by the internal heat that only comes with regular practice . Philosophy of how we react to situations, don’t fire missiles back, burn them up in the internal fire peace is a moment to moment choice.


Saturday AM
Led primary, my first since Christmas day in Mysore. I reckon Kino actually counts slower than Sharath! Back from lunch I saw that handstands are possible on my mat, as I watched Kino through the window using my mat !


Kino demonstrating Bhakasana

Saturday pm
Arm balances, mainly learning Bhakasana and jumping in to it. Fear of jumping into Bhakasana, we went into it, then slowly over on to the head and then back up. Exiting Bhujapidasana via Bhakasana. She had us balance in Bhakasana for a minute! We finished with one arm side plank, trying to grab the toe without spiralling in to a fall!


One hand balance

Sunday am
Mysore practice. Really nice practice, mainly left alone apart from Kino assisting PPC. I half expected Sarai as an ex AYL teacher to assist Supta K, but she just watched though she did Baddha Konasana with me. Nice backbends, deep dropbacks but I couldn’t get back up, though it was distracting with people who had finished walking past, not to mention some people chatting and even drinking coffee before checking their cheat sheet for the next posture! Kino came to assist, she said it comes and goes to begin with and that my alignment and backbend were much better now. S mentioned later than adding the intermediate backbends can also take it away for a while.

Practice followed by one of the great yogi breakfasts at LPQ, so good when we get together like that.


Some have an amazing practice

Sunday pm
The afternoon was about backbends, how they often become all consuming. Kino started off with the anatomy,Sacrum Nutation moving forward and counter nutation as the sacrum goes backward.


You want my Sacrum to do what?


my shoulder won’t do that!

Using Mr Skeleton to show how the shoulder should move as we try to move the elbows towards each other. After the anatomy we sweated!
Laghu Vajrasana in pairs and on our own, though I found I could actually get back and get up without help. Kino had us stay down for 15 breaths!

Kapotasana or at least going back, touching the floor and pinging back up.

Assisted Urdva Dhanurasana, then assisted standing up.
Dropbacks for many were something new going by the crashes! She had us hang back and stretch, then said if you can see the mat ( your mat that is!) then you should be able to do it. I could, though I landed further back using her method.

Excellent weekend, if I can’t get back to Mysore for a while then I’m pretty tempted to do the two weeks with her in Miami next year.

Monday night – home to practice and I managed to stand up from backbend on the first go, am wondering if it’s performance anxiety!


8 Responses to “Kino weekend”

  1. Shari Beaubien Says:

    Hi. I just had to comment because I was in Kino’s workshop(s) this past weekend, too. Wasn’t she phenomenal!?!? I feel like I’m still processing the entire experience, but it was wonderful on so many levels.
    I wanted to apologize to you because I fear I may have been one of the people that had to walk around your mat to get to the door at the end of Mysore. I did have a Kino practice card, too, because I’m new to the practice but I promise I was NOT drinking coffee or talking at any time in that room!
    Thank you for sharing your yoga experiences on your blog. I have enjoyed reading and learning about what you have to offer. Plus I love London! I wish I could practice at TriYoga all the time.

    • globie Says:

      Hi Shari,

      Kino is an amazing teacher, I always learn something from her. It’s processing and remembering it in your practice in the days after.

      By the time I got to backbends the room was clearing and lots of people were leaving, I need to concentrate to stand up from backbend, when Kino came over to assist I did it.

      Practice cards are fine, especially when there are so many people, Kino and Sarai couldn’t get to everyone when they needed assistance. I saw your photo on your website and know you were not a coffee drinker or chatterer!

      Triyoga is nice, but expensive, come visit AYL if you want heat and good teachers.

      • Shari Beaubien Says:

        What does AYL stand for and is it in London? If so, what part? I do visit London about once a year and it would be nice to find a place at which I could practice whilst on the road.
        I found your blog via a link from another blog and now I can’t remember which one, but I really have enjoyed reading about your journey. I’m struggling with standing up from backbends, too, and it’s always nice to know you’re not the only one. I’m considering starting my own yoga blog and if I do, I’ll be sure to tell you if you’re interested. But in the meantime, it was nice to share the Kino afterglow with you! You’re right about trying to hold on to all of that wisdom and figure out a way to translate it all into the everyday.
        Take care!

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Shari, AYL is Ashtanga Yoga London, there is a link to it under “Places I like to practice”. Hamish is the only Certified teacher currently in the UK. It is located a minutes walk from Euston Station. On Sundays Anna ( Hamish’s wife) or Louise teach, both are Authorised. After practice there is usually a breakfast gathering, you would be welcome to join us.

    The standing up is much harder than the going down, sometimes I can just do it and sometimes I get stuck at the bottom. I need to be in my own undistracted head space to do it.

    If you start a blog let me know. The blog is a useful way of recording the information, like from the weekend, while it’s fresh in the memory. It’s also fun to read back and realise how far my practice has come.

    • Shari Beaubien Says:

      Thank you so much for the invitation to check out AYL, and for breakfast! Next time I’m in London I will certainly make it a point to get over there. Euston is central and I know right where that is. It’s been a pleasure to connect with you, post-Kino! Thank you again…

  3. BSRadar Says:

    First of all, props to Kino for sharing her passion and knowledge of ashtanga yoga. She deserves a lot of credit and respect for what she’s doing. I understand there are lots of people who object to her image, but I don’t have a problem with that at all. My issue is more of her hypocritical manner when talking about “ahimsa” or the principle of “not harming.” She talks about this at length in her book and in interviews. But check out this Youtube video ( where she totally contradicts herself. HelloYoga in Japan did an interview with Kino on September 29, 2011. Around the video’s 13:00 to 14:00 minute mark, she says she doesn’t consume meat bc she loves animals and abides by ahimsa, therefore she’s vegetarian. Then around the 16:42 mark, she talks about how she loves shopping and how many beautiful shoes she’s bought on her trip to Japan. I guess she has no problem with how the leftover skin of animals killed for food is used to make beautiful shoes…as long as she doesn’t actually consume the meat herself. Rather hypocritical, if you ask me. Or maybe all those shoes she bought are made of pleather. Somehow I doubt it.

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