Trinity College

A nice weekend away being an Ashtanga tourist again. Ireland being the 16th country where i have laid my mat. Saturday morning i finally met Maria, who took me on a whistle stop tour of Dublin, starting at Trinity College, via her Shala Samadhi and their Ashtangi cafe “Queen of Tarts”, there may be no Battenburg or Eccles cakes here, but the Scones are delicious! We then took in Grafton Street, Temple Bar where the locals don’t go, the Castle, Chester Beatty museum and a lovely little park. Saturday evening out with E to Cornucopia Cafe, great to catch up with E as I missed her last time she dropped in to AYL.


Queen of Tarts cafe


Temple Bar , where only tourists go.

Dublin has quite a few yoga options these days, not just Samadhi and Blackrock but also now the lovely Oscailt run by Suzanne and John, who are both Authorised. Sunday practice in Dublin begins at the very civilised hour of 9am and Oscailt just happened to be located in the same street as my Hotel, so just a 5 minute walk to practice. The Shala is in the Basement and soon warmed up, even though there were only 5 of us, my body was rusty after a day off walking miles around the city. Mostly left to myself. Cramp in Bhekasana so abandoned that and went to closing.


Oscailt, home of www.mysorestyle.ie


Farmers Market


Pretzels and cake


E had invited me to the Blackrock Sunday yogi brunch. This meant a trip on The Dart train down the coast, Suzanne had also recommended I take in the Farmers Market at Dun Loghaire, which is a couple of stops beyond Blackrock first, so that’s what I did. The market was great and the harbour was full of little sailing boats racing. Brunch was long and fun at Cafe Java, talking about Mysore and practice.


Sailing at Dun Loghaire

Monday practice at the less civilised hour of 6:30am, the heaters tripped out the electric, but luckily not before they had warmed the Shala up, the lights came back but the heaters didn’t. Less rusty and more bendy, Suzanne assisting me a bit more today as well, Tiriang Mukha, Mari A and a really good Baddha Konasana. Better backbends and up from the block, Suzanne said I didn’t ned the block and so it proved as I managed to drop back and stand up 3 times on my own.

I can certainly recommend Mysorestyle.ie at Oscailt if you are ever in Dublin.


Bridge across the Liffey

The sun actually came out for my last few hours exploring, it’s been dry, but cloudy most of the weekend. A great weekend meeting yogis, exploring and doing practice.


What I said when my flight home was cancelled!

The previous 15 countries my mat has visited are England, Scotland, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Indonesia , Thailand , Singapore , Hong Kong, Australia and India


2 Responses to “Dublin”

  1. Maria Says:

    It was great to meet you (finally!) Kevin – and I am glad that you enjoyed your trip to Dublin 🙂 Its not all doom and gloom here as I hope you discovered!

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