Extra practice & Yoga Show


An extra practice today as I had a freebie to the Yoga Show at Olympia located down the road from TLC. A freezing cold morning, so cold and slippy that the train failed to stop at the next station, sliding on through unable to stop, then proceeding to crawl in to London so it could stop at the next 3 stations.

Warm enough at TLC, but it turned in to a bit of a slog as I had gurgling guts for some reason. The usual good assistance though from Phillipa, Dwi Pada exit from Supta K and binding my Pasasana, before squashing my only one hand in the right place Bhekasana. My back wasn’t very open, I managed to drop back but no way was I able to come back up, after 4 attempts P came to the rescue to do assisted ones. Always tomorrow ( train and weather allowing!)


My foot print

So after practice along to the Yoga show, I missed it last year when I was in Mysore. I was hopping there would be something different this year, as the last few years it had become a bit samey. Started off with a mini seated Shiatsu session before trying the Podiatry foot assessment where you have to walk across a board and a picture of your foot comes up on the computer showing where you exert the most pressure through your feet as you walk and stand. I’m fairly balanced, but the examiner correctly pointed out my tight calf muscles from the multi coloured computer picture.

The Yoga Wall

The Yoga Wall was new this year, a Belgian company showing off a wall the straps that you can hang off and do supported postures, fun to try and harder than it looks, isn’t everything!


Lots of the usual stalls selling mats, books etc, but nothing new.

Last toy I got to play on was the Feet up, a way of doing Sirsasana without the weight pressing in to the head and neck, it’s much easier to go up.


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