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November 25, 2012


It was all going so well until I got to Urdva Dhanurasana. Good Primary, everything bound, nice assists in PPC, Supta K and Utita Hasta. Intermediate had more open hamstrings in Krounchasana and even the left hand ending the right way up in Bhekasana with the feet on the outside as L assisted.

So all good, until the 3rd UD, trying to walk my hands in that bit nearer my feet and start to rock, then wham bam my left hand flies out from under, losing all traction with my wet, slippery mat. I crashed down on my bony shoulder and head, quite a thud as L came over.

L got me up and did assisted dropbacks, before a great Paschimottanasana squash.

Rest of closing was ok, even Shoulderstand . I now have a sore, bruised shoulder.

Loved the notice on the blackboard about the Shala Christmas party, “though shalt attend sweaty and glowing”. No idea what the maths is about though!


My Standupversary

November 21, 2012

I will never forget Monday 21st November 2011, the day I stood up from Urdva Dhanurasana for the first time ever in Mysore, flying up and nearly knocking Sharath over! He beamed then said “Do again”.

In the year since that day it took me months to be able to do it with any regularity, I had a golden couple of golden months between the end of July and early September when I could just do it. Then as Louise predicted I would, I lost it. The more of second got added the less chance I seemed to have of coming up.

Too much thinking as Ruth used to say, trying to work out the dynamics, walking the hands in to be under or in front of the shoulders, trying to get the Hips forward, so the weight is going forward and the hardest part, controlling the breath at the bottom. By the time I had done all that my arms have given way.

Back to the Block to come up, then on good days I could do it off the mat, but doing the first one is the issue.

So here we are 365 days later, Wednesday 21st November 2012 and S gives me an email tip, try lunges to stretch the Hip flexors. And what do you know I drop back with more control and know my Hips are further forward on landing, walk the hands in and up I come, no block first. I managed it 6 times.

Happy Standupversary!

After the Lurgy

November 18, 2012

A week of the lurgy, I’ve hardly practised at all. Saturday to the local Shala, for the first time in a week doing my full practice up to Bhekasana and coming up from dropback using a block and then off the floor. I just needed to open everything up again. Good to just plod through without too much intervention.

A freezing cold Sunday morning, so glad the Radiator spot was free when I got to the Shala. I got two down dog squashes 🙂 This wakes me up mentally as well as stretching me out. Weird feeling of my hands being nearer the floor in the PPC assist, though it’s a job to tell.

Tanya assisted Purvottanasana saying my hands need to be wider. Interesting how different teachers pick up on different things. Nice assists in Tiriang Mukha & Supta K, V trying to get my feet behind the head rather than in front. She said it’s preparation for all the 2S LBH poses, not that I reckon I will ever get that far, though you have to admire her faith that she seems to think I will.

Assisted in Pasasana then Tanya changing my Salabhasana B, hips pressing together, legs lower and straighter. The usual one hand in the right place Bhekasana , though no help today. But a breakfast experiment by Helen showed it’s not so much my left hand that can’t work out Bhekasana , but my tight left shoulder. She suggested a couple of things to try and loosen it, Gomukhasana for one.

Drop backs, less “Thud” this week, or rather standing back up are inhibited by my ragged short breathing at the bottom says V, yep can’t disagree, up from the block no problem, before assisted, V playing the letting go and forcing me to come up on my own game, this makes the breath longer and also stops the thinking.

It’s all coming,


November 11, 2012

Well I’m glad I went to the Shala when I had the chance on Wednesday and had a good practice. I practised today after a freezing wait for the late train, with a snotty cold and bunged up nose, running out of breath and energy way before the end. I needed the adjustment help today, UHP, Tiriang Mukha, Mari A, Supta K.

When I finally got to Bhekasana I decided to try Piera’s tactic next to me of putting her towel over the foot she couldn’t keep a hold of. It kind of works but not as well as Louise sitting on me jamming everything in to place, I had both hands going the right way on each foot, but the feet not going to the sides with my thumbs pointing towards the floor as Louise said is supposed to happen as she pulled my shoulders back. One day……maybe I should try putting socks on next week to give my hands something to grip 🙂

Urdva Dhanurasana wasn’t very open, though having stood in the cold waiting for the late train hadn’t helped, I tried to do some extra ones, but it wasn’t improving so I went to drop backs. Dropped back and walked in, rocked but couldn’t get up. Louise adjusting next door stopped me, saying I was landing with too much of a thud, too much weight in my arms, not enough forward weight in the legs to stand a chance of coming up. She ended up doing 5 assisted ones, no walking the hands in on landing, just land and come straight back up, stopping the weight transferring in to the arms. I was glad of her help, I had run out of energy by this point.

I’m hoping doing practice has sweated some of the lurgy out, by the sound of it I wasn’t the only one. Hopefully next Sunday I’ll arrive warm and lurgy free.

Standing, trying, flying

November 7, 2012

First time on a week day

A Shala duck broken today, the first time I have ever been to AYL on a week day and practised with H. The train was late and I expected to have to wait for the “one more” call, but I found a spare space in the narrow part and off I went. AYL by 8:30am is a Sauna, so heat and lots of help from H and not one but 2 Assistants. H got me to narrow the stance in Trikonasana and Aki tried hard to get my hands to the floor in Prasarita C.

Seated soon came round, my practice is much quicker without potential distractions. Assists in Mari C, then lost the Supta K as Louise started her shift. Baddha Konasana squishing from someone, nose too flat and sweat running in to my eyes to see the toes of the squisher.

I did Pasasana on my own, but I heard H call my name telling me to wait, so I got to do it again with help into a great bind with my feet flat. Left alone until Bhekasana, I did each side then tried both at the same time, but I didn’t realise Louise was waiting for me and somehow she got both hands pointing the right way and lifted my chest. My mat was a slippery lake by Urdva Dhanurasana. Dropping back my hands were sliding on landing, I walked in, slid back, rocked and didn’t rise. I was going to stop but H came over, he got me drop back, walk in, control the breath then got me up. Second one walked the hands in then he got me to rock in my own time, I thought he helped, but it turned out that I came up on my own. He said it’s basically my breath that stops me coming up, it needs to be longer and smoother. A reallly nice mid week practice, a pity I can’t do it more often.


Korean dancing Robots

Practice was just the start of a long day, after breakfast it was down to Excel for the World Travel Market, a trade show for the travel industry to which I get an invite 🙂 Every country on the planet has a stand, but you can tell which countries have the money from the quality of the freebies, USB memory sticks from Russia and wifi mice from ETIHAD. Tea at the India stand, Karnataka and Mysore having it’s own stand. Lots of chocolate and nice pens, key rings, free hand massage and more nibbles. Excel is huge, we must have walked miles today. At the ETIHAD stand I got to stand next to the Premier League Trophy.


Premier League trophy


Travel club colleagues trying out the Korean hand massager.

A diversion on the way home to try out the Emirates Flyer cable car across the Thames from Royal Victoria to North Greenwich. No sun set, just a bit of a pink glow behind Canary Wharf, but great views of the O2, Excel and the skyscrapers.


Cable car across The Thames

Dome and The Wharf