Standing, trying, flying

First time on a week day

A Shala duck broken today, the first time I have ever been to AYL on a week day and practised with H. The train was late and I expected to have to wait for the “one more” call, but I found a spare space in the narrow part and off I went. AYL by 8:30am is a Sauna, so heat and lots of help from H and not one but 2 Assistants. H got me to narrow the stance in Trikonasana and Aki tried hard to get my hands to the floor in Prasarita C.

Seated soon came round, my practice is much quicker without potential distractions. Assists in Mari C, then lost the Supta K as Louise started her shift. Baddha Konasana squishing from someone, nose too flat and sweat running in to my eyes to see the toes of the squisher.

I did Pasasana on my own, but I heard H call my name telling me to wait, so I got to do it again with help into a great bind with my feet flat. Left alone until Bhekasana, I did each side then tried both at the same time, but I didn’t realise Louise was waiting for me and somehow she got both hands pointing the right way and lifted my chest. My mat was a slippery lake by Urdva Dhanurasana. Dropping back my hands were sliding on landing, I walked in, slid back, rocked and didn’t rise. I was going to stop but H came over, he got me drop back, walk in, control the breath then got me up. Second one walked the hands in then he got me to rock in my own time, I thought he helped, but it turned out that I came up on my own. He said it’s basically my breath that stops me coming up, it needs to be longer and smoother. A reallly nice mid week practice, a pity I can’t do it more often.


Korean dancing Robots

Practice was just the start of a long day, after breakfast it was down to Excel for the World Travel Market, a trade show for the travel industry to which I get an invite 🙂 Every country on the planet has a stand, but you can tell which countries have the money from the quality of the freebies, USB memory sticks from Russia and wifi mice from ETIHAD. Tea at the India stand, Karnataka and Mysore having it’s own stand. Lots of chocolate and nice pens, key rings, free hand massage and more nibbles. Excel is huge, we must have walked miles today. At the ETIHAD stand I got to stand next to the Premier League Trophy.


Premier League trophy


Travel club colleagues trying out the Korean hand massager.

A diversion on the way home to try out the Emirates Flyer cable car across the Thames from Royal Victoria to North Greenwich. No sun set, just a bit of a pink glow behind Canary Wharf, but great views of the O2, Excel and the skyscrapers.


Cable car across The Thames

Dome and The Wharf





8 Responses to “Standing, trying, flying”

  1. V Says:

    You could have stopped by my office for a cuppa!

  2. globie Says:

    13 hours, that’s a long day, especially after getting up at stupid o’clock for yoga

  3. Helen Says:

    Yay! Practice with Hamish. I am coming next week, can’t wait! It’s been a while….

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