Well I’m glad I went to the Shala when I had the chance on Wednesday and had a good practice. I practised today after a freezing wait for the late train, with a snotty cold and bunged up nose, running out of breath and energy way before the end. I needed the adjustment help today, UHP, Tiriang Mukha, Mari A, Supta K.

When I finally got to Bhekasana I decided to try Piera’s tactic next to me of putting her towel over the foot she couldn’t keep a hold of. It kind of works but not as well as Louise sitting on me jamming everything in to place, I had both hands going the right way on each foot, but the feet not going to the sides with my thumbs pointing towards the floor as Louise said is supposed to happen as she pulled my shoulders back. One day……maybe I should try putting socks on next week to give my hands something to grip 🙂

Urdva Dhanurasana wasn’t very open, though having stood in the cold waiting for the late train hadn’t helped, I tried to do some extra ones, but it wasn’t improving so I went to drop backs. Dropped back and walked in, rocked but couldn’t get up. Louise adjusting next door stopped me, saying I was landing with too much of a thud, too much weight in my arms, not enough forward weight in the legs to stand a chance of coming up. She ended up doing 5 assisted ones, no walking the hands in on landing, just land and come straight back up, stopping the weight transferring in to the arms. I was glad of her help, I had run out of energy by this point.

I’m hoping doing practice has sweated some of the lurgy out, by the sound of it I wasn’t the only one. Hopefully next Sunday I’ll arrive warm and lurgy free.


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