After the Lurgy

A week of the lurgy, I’ve hardly practised at all. Saturday to the local Shala, for the first time in a week doing my full practice up to Bhekasana and coming up from dropback using a block and then off the floor. I just needed to open everything up again. Good to just plod through without too much intervention.

A freezing cold Sunday morning, so glad the Radiator spot was free when I got to the Shala. I got two down dog squashes 🙂 This wakes me up mentally as well as stretching me out. Weird feeling of my hands being nearer the floor in the PPC assist, though it’s a job to tell.

Tanya assisted Purvottanasana saying my hands need to be wider. Interesting how different teachers pick up on different things. Nice assists in Tiriang Mukha & Supta K, V trying to get my feet behind the head rather than in front. She said it’s preparation for all the 2S LBH poses, not that I reckon I will ever get that far, though you have to admire her faith that she seems to think I will.

Assisted in Pasasana then Tanya changing my Salabhasana B, hips pressing together, legs lower and straighter. The usual one hand in the right place Bhekasana , though no help today. But a breakfast experiment by Helen showed it’s not so much my left hand that can’t work out Bhekasana , but my tight left shoulder. She suggested a couple of things to try and loosen it, Gomukhasana for one.

Drop backs, less “Thud” this week, or rather standing back up are inhibited by my ragged short breathing at the bottom says V, yep can’t disagree, up from the block no problem, before assisted, V playing the letting go and forcing me to come up on my own game, this makes the breath longer and also stops the thinking.

It’s all coming,

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