Three in a row

It’s been a 5 busy days, 3 Shala practices in a row, though with a two day gap between numbers two and three, Shala Christmas party, 007 and giving my 5th Mysore talk this year.

Saturday with Philippa at TLC, as usual lots of good assistance with the small practice group. Sunday as usual at AYL, hot, sweaty practice, good intermediate, Louise again got both hands going the right way in Bhekasana. Still too much thud on landing drop backs, ie too much weight in the arms on landing, coming up unassisted isn’t happening, but a nice practice .


Euston Christmas Tree

Sunday practice followed by the Shala Christmas party, as instructed we all arrived “sweaty and glowing”, great to get a chance to talk to people I usually only see in passing, actually putting names to some who I have known by sight for a couple of years. Also catching up with some who came in from further afield, Bella from Oxford and D up from Brighton. Not seen that many Authorised teachers in one place since Mysore.


Art Deco cinema

Monday finally saw the latest 007 at our local 1930’s art deco cinema. As well as the usual adverts that precede the film we also had a girl playing the Cello as well as the cinema owner come on stage to introduce the film.


Setting up

Tuesday evening in Guildford I gave my 5th talk on Mysore this year. Amazed at the turn out on a cold winter evening. While setting up, the Hall Manager asked me how popular i thought my talk would be, he was trying to gauge how many chairs to put out. He put out the 80 chairs stored in the Hall, then ended up having to go down in to the depths to find another 20 or so to accommodate the 100+ plus people who came. This was the longest talk I’ve ever done, two 50 minute slots. A super receptive audience who enjoyed their evening going by the questions they asked at half time and the end and the generous round of applause. This was actually the third time I have given a talk in Guildford.

By the time the Q&A was over it was getting late, so I ended up staying overnight in London. The added bonus being another week day practice at AYL this morning. It ended up being a bit of a sweaty slog, my legs were aching before I started. Four teachers/assistants on duty, so helped in Triko B, PPC, Utita Hasta, then Paschimot, Tiriang Mukha, Mari C, Supta K in seated.

Hamish got me bound in Pasasana, he’s really good at that one, before getting through to an unassisted crap Bhekasana, Louise was busy elsewhere.

I had noticed H standing on a chair putting the clock right, so when I got to backbends I thought I was making good time. Urdva Dhanurasana wasn’t bad, but I just couldn’t get my thighs to engage to control dropping back, H came and did assisted ones. After backbends I picked my mat up and went in to the “Finishing Room” to do closing and noticed the time on that rooms clock, which showed my practice had been nowhere near as fast as I thought! Think the Shala needs a new clock!

Nice to get in a third Shala practice after a busy couple of busy days off the mat.


My Bugs

My talented niece Becky turned 20 today, she drew this Bugs Bunny just for me.


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