Special Assistance

It was a long hard journey to Chiang Mai, though made easier by the “Special Assistance”, Thai Air helpfully came up with. After I had checked in the Thai Air service guy saw I was making hard work of putting everything away, I had stood for half of the tube journey to the Airport and my arm had had enough, and he asked if I wanted help, they sat me down as they made a call and ten minutes later a fellow from Terminal 3 Special Assistance turns up with a wheelchair! He wheeled me up to Security, where miraculously I by passed the large queue, though the guy with his Wand was a bit over zealous pulling my arm away to wand my chest, f*** that hurt, do I really look like a terrorist? I got to sit in the Special Room just off Duty Free with free newspapers and a coffee shop the other side until my flight was called. At which point they put me in a big motorised Buggy and drove me to the Gate. First on to the plane.

11 hours later Bangkok, only 90 degrees warmer than London, a 3 hour wait for the connection north. Again Thai Air made sure I was one of the first to get on the plane and the added bonus of 2 unfilled seats next to me, but not a pleasant hour as something had set off nausea. As we landed in Chiang Mai the Stewardess told me to stay put, Thai Air again sat me in a Wheelchair and pushed me to the baggage collection, last bag off typically. They then arranged a taxi to take me to the Hotel, pushing me all the way out of the terminal to the taxi, it would have been a bloody long walk, so quite glad they did. Ten minutes later I’m at the Hotel. 10 out of 10 to Thai Air, I never expected that much assistance, but it was very gratefully received.

After a jet lagged nights sleep I wandered down to Soi 17 to see the Yoga Studio where I should have been practising. At least I got to share their after practice chat and a cup of tea. Great to see Liz,I had so looked forward to practising with her again after her great assists last year in Mysore. She said if I’m missing it to come and watch, I may do that, I need to find other ways to fill my time.


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