Taking it easy


14 days since my last practice , luckily I’m doing a lot of walking around Chiang Mai otherwise I would be turning in to the Fat Ashtangi. My arm still pretty soon let’s me know when it’s in the wrong position. I’ve been forced to just take it very easy, trying the yogi’s suggestions of foot massage and even paying someone to cut my nails, mainly because I can’t do it myself.


Donald Duck

The city has lots of Wat’s, shops and Spa’s. I found one Wat where a beautiful gold Buddha shares the grounds with a giant Donald Duck, one way to get the kids to go I suppose!


Wishing my arm to get better.

Another Wat had one of those trees you leave a wish on, I bought my little gold leaf and wished my arm better. The other morning a 7 year old Japanese girl came up to me and said in an american accent “hope your arm get better soon”!


Colourful Lanterns

I joined the yogi’s today for their after led class brunch at The Butter is Better bakery and diner, nice to feel part of the yoga community. Super Cinnamon and raisin buns and decent Tea, the thai’s don’t always get the concept of boiling water and tea.


Butter is Better

The afternoons here have been scorching, so I’ve tried to find some shade to read or watch the world go by. By chance yesterday I came across seated massage outside Starbucks, after explaining the broken arm they got to work and last night I had the best nights sleep since I got here.


Khunka massage.

Today I thought I would try this again, my arm and shoulder muscles were so much more comfortable. I was reading the blurb outside Khunka Spa when someone came out who spoke really good English. I explained that I can’t lay on my front and that my arm needs support, but that my shoulders, neck and back need help. They came up with a great plan, sitting me on a stool facing a wall. Large pillow on my lap for my arm, another large pillow upright on my lap against the wall for me to put my head against. Then thirty minutes of undoing, the set up meaning they could really press hard, but my broken arm not feeling a thing. Brilliant, heat and treatment like that have to be good. It’s so cheap too (less than two quid), which means it’s not a treat but can be done daily. The added bonus being not having to take the painkillers which annoy my guts.


Melly clistmas!


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