I went to the Shala



This morning I was awake and decided to go to the Shala, just to watch and reconnect, I’m missing it now. Sunday is my Shala day after all. I got there as most of the half dozen students were doing their closing postures. I walked in the door and my glasses immediately steamed up, I found a seat in the corner and just watched as Liz assisted the backbends and headstands and then one by one they took Savasana.

I hadn’t been expecting to get on a mat, but with most of the students in Savasana Liz asked me what, if anything I had tried to do. I explained I had done nothing, as even trying a simple forward bend hurt my arm. She wasn’t deterred, she had me start with simple squats, then stretching the good arm, before balance leg raises, but no catching the toe UHP style allowed and then leaning backwards, I was surprised how far I can still bend backwards, but not too far, I think my legs are going to have to relearn how to engage, but it felt nice to stretch and sweat and just be in that room. So nice of Liz to invite me to watch and be part.

Yesterday I went to see the Chinese acrobats who are in town, they are truly bendy, but very young. At one point they all dropped back in to Urdva Dhanurasana, then raised one leg to twirl a hula hoop at high speed, must give that a go sometime!


Night Wat

Now I’ve found the perfect massage place who allow for my arm, I’m having a treatment every day, this along with the sling upgrade has meant better nights and much fewer painkillers.


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