Christmas day in Chiang Mai



Christmas day 2011 I got up at stupid o’clock, did yoga at 4:30am,drank Chai and spent the rest of the day with yogi folk eating, drinking and enjoying the sunshine.


Christmas day 2012 I had planned to get up at something approaching reasonable o’clock, go to yoga and hang out with the yogi’s. Well the broken arm obviously screwed part one of the plan, but the rest of the day has not been much different to 2011. Liz invited me to the Chiang Mai yogi breakfast/brunch at Imm Aim cafe. And what a surprise as Joycee from Mysore walked in to the cafe along with everyone else. A very long chatty breakfast, followed by a visit to Bakerista Bakery for cake.


By now it was time for lunch, so a red truck ride with Joycee to the Pae Gate and a nice lunch followed by Chai at an Indian place she had discovered, more reminders of Mysore.


Amazing how the days are passing, especially by the time I’d had my massage, I came outside again and it was already dark.


The arm is settling, though it catches me out pretty regularly doing something totally innocuous, take this evening, I had saved some nice chocolate in my Hotel fridge, but as I tried to break the first square off I couldn’t do it and my arm soon painfully told me.

Merry Christmas


2 Responses to “Christmas day in Chiang Mai”

  1. Jackie Scott Says:

    thinking of you while I eat all the Thorntons and Lindor I got for Xmas !

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