So that was 2012


A few days by the seaside to end 2012, Pattaya certainly lives up to it’s reputation, but it also has some nicer areas. I wouldn’t have found the nicer places without Steve and his wife Nok’s assistance and they also kindly arranged my accommodation, which with my fractured arm made life a lot easier.


Yesterday 8 of us made a trip out to a Buddhist temple outside the city, people attend for a blessing for good luck when they travel or when something is going on in their life or to wish good luck for the new year.


You start off by buying a bucket of alms to give to the monks, then sit and wait until it’s your turn to move forward in front of the row of monks. About 30 people moved forward and the monks started to chant, at some point a big sheet covered us, then a piece of string surrounded everyone. Finally the monks used a type of broom to flick water over us before coming round and tapping everyone on the head for good luck. Then you get up and go outside and pour your little cup of water over a sacred tree. I’ve no idea of all the meaning, I just hope 2013 mends my arm, gets me back on my mat and maybe Mysore again.


Temple folk

Fireworks have been going off for days, tonight is the big one, new years eve. I have just come back from the beach watching literally thousands of Chinese lanterns being launched in to the sky, it’s quite a sight, the fireworks are becoming deafening, not to mention bloody dangerous.

Well its not quite been the holiday i planned all those months ago, but being in the warm sunshine for nearly three weeks, paddling in the sea and relaxing certainly beats being at home in the cold with a broken arm.

Happy New year




12 Responses to “So that was 2012”

  1. V Says:

    Happy New Year Globie!

  2. Susie Gardner-Brown Says:

    And happy 2013 to you Kevin … And to us all! I feel a great wave of positive energy (which I think I usually feel at the start of each year!) Hopefully this one will be a great one!!

  3. Helen-Aldred Says:

    Hi Kevin, Happy new year! I used to live in Rayong which isn’t far from where you are. Say hello to it for me, if you go past. I think under the circumstances it’s a great place for you to recover. When do you head back. I am going to London this weekend. See you soon, H

    • globie Says:

      Happy new year Helen. Not sure if I went past Rayong or not.
      I landed back last night, as I was supposed to be going back to work today.

  4. Ragdoll Says:

    Happy New Year Kevin! And to Helen – as you say, a good place to recover. Glad you’re getting to appreciate it, even without the mat time .

  5. susananda Says:

    Happy New Year Kev! Just catching up here… sometimes with Facebook I forget about blogs!

    So you’re home, when’s the next x-ray?
    Wishing you better luck and surprises of the more pleasant kind this year.

    • globie Says:

      Happy new year Susan. Hope you arevgoing to resurrect your blog in Mysore.
      Next x-ray is Monday, when they decide about surgery or not.

      Hope 2013 is good for our teams, our practice and life in general

  6. susananda Says:

    Our teams…. gahhh, don’t!
    Glad I am missing it at the moment!!

  7. susananda Says:

    Oh and yeah, I will resurrect my blog 🙂

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