So where are we?

In to 2013 the same as I left 2012 with a broken arm and no practice. My calf muscles ache because they haven’t had a Down dog stretch in over a month. My left hand going numb from having the arm bent up at an angle in a sling 24/7 cutting off the circulation. It seems impossible to do even simple stretches like Janu A without my arm screaming “nooooooo”.

I have even got to the point of trying out the Comfrey oil suggested by an Aussie tourist I met in Chiang Mai, apparently it’s known also as “knit bone”, old wives tale or true remedy, todays hospital x-ray below shows that the fracture has started to knit together, good news, but slightly out of alignment, potentially bad news. The Doctor is going to let it keep healing in the hope that it knits aligned together enough to be stable, but if it knits too far out it means them basically breaking the knit and resetting it, putting back recovery 😦

In the mean time I have written a couple of posts for Lucy Edge about Mysore on her new YogaClicks blog


And about Mysore in the morning


6 Responses to “So where are we?”

  1. yogaclicks Says:

    Re-break a mended bone… Sometimes Western medicine seems so archaic!

    Thank you for sharing your Mysore story with yogaclicks – the place to find and share the yoga you love.

  2. globie Says:

    True, but if it doesn’t mend lined up, then at least western medicine can rectify it.

    Glad you liked the Mysore post, I hope it encourages people to go

  3. Ursula Says:

    Be patient, your arm will heal. Greetings from Munich.

  4. Helen-Aldred Says:

    Hi Kevin, Hope it realigns itself for you. When do they check it next? I presume your still off work? Look forward to reading your Mysore posts.

    • globie Says:

      Thanks Helen, so do I, they next check it on 28th when they could still decide to operate if it doesnt line up. I’m off work until at least first week of February, though not being paid.

      I wondered if you would be at PH last Saturday, I met AC for breakfast.

      It was fun writing the Mysore posts for Lucy.

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