Getting nowhere snowly


It look pretty, but ….

Physiotherapy has been a bit like yoga, I made quite a lot of progress at the outset but I now seem to have plateaued. My arm will straighten in front or me, but is ages away from rising vertically, my fingers have feeling again, but my hand lacks control. Last week the physio gave me some exercise to try and start to get the arm to move outwards, but they are too painful at the fracture point and in the shoulder ball, this week she told me to go back to what I was doing and has given me some other movements to try. Just getting there was an exercise, the pavements are just sheets of ice and the NHS Car park is a rink.


Entrance to Physiotherapy skating rink

Never the less she says I’ve progressed a lot better than some of her patients, but the problem is the size of the fracture, the distance of the divide that the two bits of bone have to cross to knit and the way it seems to be knitting not quite lined up. Next weeks x-ray will show how things are progressing or not.

Just for fun I’ve been doing some of my physio in Prasarita Padot, to try and stretch my legs. I’ve tried some standing postures, but it’s amazing how unbalanced I am with only one arm working, Trikonasana was interesting. Ustrasana and Laghu Vajrasana at least make my thighs engage, but it’s a long way from 5th Decembers full primary and up to Bhekasana with Louise at AYL.

Despite no practice and the weather turning me in to a recluse apart from trips to Hospital and Physio I was fairly surprised to find that I haven’t managed to put on any weight, not quite sure how that works, but I’m not turning in to the Fat Ashtangi yet


6 Responses to “Getting nowhere snowly”

  1. D Says:

    Good to read that you’re making steady progress. The hardest part of any injury is working through the pain and scar tissue, but keep at it and it will work itself out with time. Cheering you on from this side of the pond!

    • globie Says:

      The physio the first week or so felt good and progressive. I’m pretty diligent in doing what she has given me, from what she said I don’t think everyone is. But I seem to have pretty quickly come up against the pain wall. Next weeks x-ray is going to decide what form the next stage of treatment takes. Thanks for cheering

  2. globie Says:

    I was worried I’ve been over doing it, maybe I have, she told me not to go so far. Thanks for the post, interesting Supta Vajrasana giving thar release.

  3. Ragdoll Says:

    I was thinking of you earlier this week as I tip-toed over the ice carrying two bags, so I was worried about having no hand to catch me if I fell – and thought how much more nervous I would feel if I already had a broken bone from the ice!
    It’s thawing a lot here now, so I hope you’re finding the same – though I just spoke to my Dad, not a million miles from you, who mentioned the forecast tomorrow doesn’t look good.

    • globie Says:

      Before all this I never gave a second thought to walking on ice & snow, but now I’m ultra nervous, which I think makes slipping over even more likely. Fridays forcast doesn’t sound promising and the temperature in the day is melting some of it only for it to re freeze overnight. Pavements are lethal, everyone’s walking in the road

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