Practice of a kind or just getting more adventurous

I have about 10 physiotherapy exercises now, some of which are coming along better than others. Some have become quite easy, while others bring pain almost as soon as I try, particularly attempting to move the arm horizontally away from my body.

Twice a day I do the “physio Vinyasas” on their own, though sometimes in Prasarita Padot just to stretch my legs. In the afternoon a few extras get added, which adds another 30 minutes or so. Yes I’m opening the yoga toy cupboard. After the prescribed physio exercises I get out my nice physio roller, upper back, lower back, back of legs and the right ITB get a going over, the left ITB is probably feeling ignored, but I cant put any weight at all on to the left arm still, even after 7 weeks. The right shoulder is also becoming stiff and unhappy from having had to do all the work for 7 weeks, I think a trip to Lucinda will soon be needed, as my left arm won’t reach my right shoulder to give it a rub or use the Backnobber.


After the Roller it’s time to get out the “Backbender” I brought back from Mysore. It’s taken a few days, but now my back is happy to stretch and bend over the little wooden toy for a few minutes.

Well that’s all quite safe and feels good, but the last few days a mixture of boredom ( I finished the final season box set of The Wire) and just needing something “more” has made me start to get a bit more adventurous. My arm will now let me bend forward in to Paschimot and Janu A and B, Tiriang Mukha, though my hand can’t reach my foot, at least I’m getting a stretch. Baddha Konasana is still there I’m glad to say.

So that’s all good, but of course I’m missing the fun stuff, Supta K and backbends. I thought I would try Ustrasana, this works if I let the arms dangle and don’t try and grab the right foot with my good side, otherwise it twists me. Laghu Vajrasana just to make my legs work, going about 3/4 of the way back before coming up. Susan’s “Bed hanging” is also back, though not so much for my back. One of the physio exercises is about straightening the broken arm out in front of me and trying to lift it towards my head, bed hanging means gravity can help with this, though I can’t stand (or lay) to do it for long!

Today my back felt good after all this playing around, so the door came in to play, you can guess what I was doing 🙂 I was doing it veeeeeeeery sloooooooowly then just pushing with my right hand to bring me up.

But at least I feel like I’m doing something now, even if it’s not much in comparison to what I would rather be doing.

I still have a very very long way to go. Certain simple movements bring tears to my eyes and I can’t lift much more than a newspaper. I have a target of June to be back practising fully, just in time for Dena’s workshop in Spain or if not then Sharath at the end of August or if not Mysore this time next year .

Of course we could be back to square one on Monday if the x-ray shows it’s back to the surgery plan. Though the Physiotherapist said this could be a good plan as it will be easier and quicker to rehabilitate, knowing the fracture is structurally sound, as opposed to now when neither she or I trust it not to snap again.


6 Responses to “Practice of a kind or just getting more adventurous”

  1. StEvE Says:

    Hi Kev,

    I happened across a piece of advice from Richard Freeman the other day, which immediately made me think of you. Here it is:

    “Working carefully and intelligently with injury is an important part of any yoga practice. Yoga should make the body healthier rather than harming it. Though one has to be intelligent rather than fanatical and mechanical. Having a good teacher to give guidance and feedback, and listening carefully to the internal cues that your body is giving you is very important.”

    Good to see that you seem to be applying it by the letter, but do take care. A setback only takes a millisecond of fanaticism mate.

    Maybe take care not to overlook the teacher side of it all too though. Even though you can’t unroll a mat at someone’s feet every morning, it’s still good to get advice and feedback from someone who knows your practice. To that end, you’re spoiled being based near London.

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Steve,
    Am being very careful, if I move even slightly in the wrong way it’s pretty sharp, no build up, just aaaaaah ##**$*##*****

    Not much point paying the exorbitant train fare to get in to London, I don’t think I would get much from a Mysore class just now. Once I’ve seen the x-ray on Monday and they hopefully make a decision I and the Physiotherapist will have a better idea of how to proceed.

    Once I can start again I was thinking about trying to get a 1-2-1 session, though only a couple of teachers really know my practice and I would prefer it to be with one of them.

    • StEvE Says:

      Sorry, I should’ve been clearer. I was actually suggesting trying a one to one session with someone who knows your practice.

      Nobody in their right mind would want to be in a packed Mysore room with an injury of the magnitude that you have.

      Good luck with the medical assessments.

      • globie Says:

        Cheers Steve

        I know P does 1-2-1, but think you have to have place to go to do it.
        Don’t know if L does them what with her own practice and the kids.

        Think this x-ray will be the defining moment.

  3. Helen-Aldred Says:

    Hi Kev, Thanks for your comment on my blog, really liked it. Glad your able to start doing something. I would avoid doing anything one sided such as standing up from a backbend, is that what you were doing with the wall?! Just keep everything open with all the toys you have been using and your practice will come back when your body is ready. I would also suggest doing your physio as part of your yoga practice, which is perhaps what you are already doing. By this I mean moving mindfully with the breath and doing savasana at the end. Having a private sounds like a great idea, why not get in touch with one of your teachers to see what’s possible.

  4. globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I’m being very careful dropping back down the door, though stopped because of the tightness in my right shoulder, which Miss massage therapist just did a great job of loosening up.

    I am mixing the physio exercises in with the yoga once a day, rest of the time I’m just doing the physio. I haven’t been doing Savasana, doesn’t feel necessary.

    It’s still going to be a while before I can contemplate a 1-2-1

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