So no surgery & a new toy


Weekly visits to the physiotherapist, diligently doing the exercises she has prescribed three or four times a day, plus adding in a bit of yoga inspired movement seems to be having an effect.

Mondays trip to Fracture Clinic and the X-Ray surprisingly showed that the fracture seems to have miraculously started to move into alignment all by itself without having to resort to pinning it surgically, though not having that done on day one has prolonged the agony, not to mention the ever lengthening recovery time and time off work unpaid 😦

I think the physio exercises have woken up the muscles and they have subsequently nudged the two broken bits of bone back in to line, though the outside of the fracture still has a little way to go to join up, so I will resist the ever increasing urge to get back on my mat, although I can move my arm much more I can’t actually lift anything still or put any weight in it or on it, so no Surya’s and downward dogs just yet.

My right shoulder has been getting more and more sore with having to do everything, but luckily the Massage therapist was able to fit me in, her comment being along the lines of my shoulder was just a bunch of solid knots. She’s good though and as I type it’s loosened up no end. She also attacked my clonking right Scapula, 6 weeks of being locked in a sling then suddenly all this physio exercise came as a bit of a shock to it. The ITB’s and calves also got a dose of Lucinda’s thumbs. Anyone who has had strong thumbs pressing in to their ITB’S knows this is a tad uncomfortable, but like the shoulder it was desperately needed, unlike the fracture definitely a case of no pain no gain.

Physio today, she’s upping the anti after seeing the improved x-ray. I have got too good at the exercises she had given me, so now she’s got the muscles working again she is on a mission to put strength back in to the Bicep and Tricep. We started with the lifting vertically of the arm, which is freakin hard, she told me this is the movement that is going to take longest to get back. I told her about doing bed hanging to try and use gravity to get the arm up, she had me do a demonstration and deemed it “excellent”, though told me not to push it. Then she brings out my new toy,a two foot long yellow elastic resistance band, I have lots of little exercises to do now, but my problem is the way my shoulders hunch up, so I have to bring the shoulder blades together and de-hunch before I start to stretch the band and engage the muscles. I also now get to clean a table instead of the wall, making circles to gently put pressure on the arm, but not too much.


My new toy

So it’s gong to be a recovery process of weekly physio, daily exercise and as much massage as I can afford and fit in.


On the side bar of this blog there is a link to the cheese blogger, my friend Iona. If you live in the UK and want to see her making cheese tune in to Country File on BBC1 on Sunday night (3rd Feb) when she teaches John Craven how to do it.


2 Responses to “So no surgery & a new toy”

  1. Shari Beaubien Says:

    This is fantastic news, Kevin! I’m so happy you won’t require surgery. Thank goodness for that. Your recovery and attitude are so inspiring. I’m sure you feel very challenged at times, but overall you come across as handling this devastating injury with grace and perseverance.
    By the way, is your blog no longer public? I see the “email pass” required for the next entry and I didn’t know what that meant.
    My best to you from across the pond… 🙂

    • globie Says:

      Hi Shari,
      If they had operated on day 1 it would have been better, the recovery will take longer now on its own,but should be stronger. The massage I had while I was away kept the blood flow going round the broken top part and stopped it “dieing”, which would have been pretty serious. The physiotherapist said although I’m way past being 21, the fact that I was a seriously fit ashtangi before the accident has given me a much better chance of recovery.

      I’m frustrated and impatient to return to my practice.

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