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Raisin Danish to the revolving Donut

February 28, 2013


Sunday was great, practice at the Shala followed by a Raisin Danish yogi breakfast.


3/4 still to go 😦

Then Monday came round. Monday meant a new X-ray and Fracture Clinic. I thought it had been a month of getting a little stronger and more movement with the Physiotherapy, but the x-ray showed the fracture appears to have stopped knitting together by itself, this is NOT good. Three quarters of the fracture is still a gap, by week 10 it should all be pretty much united.


Non sugary Donut

The Doctor prescribed a visit to the Donut, aka a CT Scan to confirm the non knitting and the likelihood of surgery. Todays CT scan was a new experience, laying on a trolley that moves through the Donut ring scanner, I tried to watch it spin above me, but realised that wasn’t a good idea, as I got dizzy! Now I need to wait 2 weeks for the next Fracture Clinic appointment to find out the result.

Meanwhile it’s back to doing the physio and doing what practice I can, but we could be back to square one in a couple of weeks. 2 Shala Sundays to D-day.

In the mean time I have been asked to give another talk on Mysore this Saturday, I hope the next time I’m off work for 3 months I’m in Mysore and not stuck at home with a broken arm.


Good to be back

February 24, 2013


Since last Monday I have started to practice again in a more meaningful way, as opposed to the odd stretch added on to the physiotherapy. Each day was better, though much is still restricted or totally impossible. L had said to come back when I was ready, so I figured after emailing her that it was as good a time as any to return to the Shala.

I’ve missed walking through the door and my glasses steaming up immediately, I’ve missed Louise and the other Assistants and missed the people I practice alongside, the nods to those you nod to, the smiles with others I know better. I’ve missed the laughs, like today’s, when the Shala toddler ran (she was only crawling last time i saw her) up to a student in Downward dog shouting “dowwndoggy”. Home alone practice just isn’t the same.

Louise just said “take it easy, no pressure”! They left me to my version of sun salutations, trying to warm up and a one hand downward dog(gy) to stretch the Calfs and hamstrings. Most of standing seems to be possible with a bit of thought about arm placement, though my Trikonasana probably looked a bit ugly and unaligned. First help came in UHP, Emma assisting both sides.

Seated has to be vinyasa free, a forward bend in between had to suffice. Super squash in Paschimottanasana and help in Tiriang Mukha. The Marichyasana’s with some decent heat were good, binding A & B on the first side and C on the second, Mari D is just a kind of twist on both sides. Baddha Konasana hasn’t changed, I just needed the squash to put it back in place, L turning up right on cue. I think Louise mostly just observed today, working out how she can best help and assist, so long as any pressure is not on the fracture site or pulling on the arm then it’s no problem.

Closing via Salabhasana A and almost B, a bit of cross arm hanging back. Enough bend to do Matsyasana and Utana P for the first time and a ten minute Savasana. Despite all the necessary omissions, Bhujapidasana, Kurmasana, Supta Kurmasana, Garbha Pindasana, Sirsasana Urdva Dhanurasana and Uth plutihi practice still managed to take 90 minutes.

Until the fracture knits properly and I get back some muscle and i can actually put weight through the arm, it’s going to be a while before I get back to where I was on 5th December, the last time I practised at AYL, but it was great to walk back through that white door.

Fractured Vinyasa

February 18, 2013


My Teacher said I should come by the Shala and do what I can, if for nothing else other than to reconnect with my practice and Shala mates. So I decided to run through my practice just to see what is possible, bearing in mind the restrictions of a still fractured Humerus and all the “Don’ts” the Physiotherapist has listed. Currently my arm can’t bear weight or lift more than about 50 degrees.

Surya A & B – I can’t lift the arms in prayer and no chance of Chaturanga or downward dog, so it’s just like bend forward and stand up again. My Calfs and hamstrings are aching for a good squashing!
Padungusthasana/Padahastasana – left arm can’t reach the foot, so it all feels a bit lopsided.
Trikonasana A – just about but i can’t lift my arm or grab my toe
Trikonasana B – no chance on first side as I can’t get the hand to the floor
Parsvakonasana A&B – Nope, would be too risky just yet.
Prasarita A – Almost, left fingers are almost all on the mat, but I can’t put weight in to the hands much.
Prasarita B – Sort of (Left arm / hand not in right position)
Prasarita C – surprisingly I can bind my hands but can’t lift them very far
Prasarita D – can’t reach left foot
Parsvottanasana – can’t do reverse prayer at all, so very modified
UHP – can do right leg, but left just has to hang out.
Ardha Baddha Padmot – nope, well I can get half lotus & stand there.
Utkatasana – I can’t lift my arms up, but I can squat.
Virabadrasana A&B – sort of, though I can’t lift my arm

No Vinyasas between sides or postures.
Paschimottanasana – a nice stretch, but left hand can’t reach the foot.
Purvottanasana – No chance!
Ardha Baddha padma Paschimottanasana – with right in Lotus just about, no chance with left.
Tiriang Mukha – a little lopsided as I can’t reach with the left hand.
Janusirsasana A-C – possible, but only grabbing with the right hand.
Marichyasana A-D – not possible, left arm won’t go round the knee or go far enough behind my back to bind the other way.
Navasana – why is this one always possible whatever I manage to do to myself !
Bhujapidasana – another weight bearing no chance
Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana – Even if it is my favourite posture, No chance, as I don’t want to snap the bone under my thighs, can you imagine trying to explain that at A&E!
Garbha Pindasana – think that is going to be a while away.
Kukkutasana – Another weight bearing no chance.
Baddha Konasana – my hips still seem quite open, I think I could even stand someone squashing me 🙂
Upavistha Konasana – Again can only reach the right foot.
Supta Konasana – Nope, not going there yet.
Supta Padangusthasana – as per UHP only possible on the right.
Bum Balances – Nope, not going there yet.
Setu Bandhasana – Too risky for my neck at this time .

Pasasana – Krounchasana Neither are possible yet.
Salabhasana A – Yay can do this one!
Salabhasana B – Nope, obviously I can’t push on the hand.
Bhekasana – well I couldn’t do it before I broke my arm, I live in hope that this episode has miraculously sorted out my dyslexic left arm!

Urdva Dhanurasana – obviously a no no. Replaced by bed hanging, Bridges and cross arm hang back plus the odd Ustrasana , but don’t tell anyone.
Sarvangasana – Not quite yet.
Halasana – Actually yes, as the weight isn’t bearing on my arm or shoulder joint.
Karnapidasana – Yes, though like in Halasana my arms can’t touch the floor yet.
Urdva Padmasana – Balance issues.
Matsyasana – I can’t get into the backbend without the arm leverage and pulling on the arm is banned by the Physiotherapist
Uttana Padasana – if I could get the backbend then yes, modified to a horizontal Navasana kind of effort.
Sirsasana – No
Baddha Padmasana – I couldn’t bind it before!
Padmasana – yes
Utplutihi – obviously no chance.
Savasana – Of course 🙂

Well a lot of no no’s and modifications, but also quite a lot is now possible, 7 weeks ago I couldn’t straighten my arm and had no feeling in my fingers, now I can do much more. Really tempted by L’s invitation, not to mention the after practice croissants!

Another month of box sets

February 16, 2013

Another week of appointments and not really getting anywhere. Started with Physiotherapy, my progress has definitely plateaued, I’m doing the work with my yellow band and trying to lift the arm. I can get it to only about 40 degrees, the physio said the whole shoulder is trying to lift and not just the arm. The other problem as she pointed out is that my left arm has literally no muscle compared with the right one, there is more meat on a KFC Chicken leg. She has however “promoted” me to the red stretchy band, I can move it about a 1000th of a millimetre, well that’s what it feels like. I’m only allowed to use that one once a day, progress is going to be microscopically, frustratingly incrementally slow . Physio is an uncomfortable half hour as she tries to push my arm a little bit more each time, it’s like yoga finding the edge, though made me laugh when she came out with a Miss Bysh comment as she painfully lifted my arm “No grimacing”!


New red stretch band that I can’t stretch!

In the mean time work have said I’m not allowed back until I can carry out my contracted duties in full, the Physiotherapist said they could be in for a long wait then!


Anatomy Egg

Next up was my GP, the hospital sick note ran out before I was due back there, another example of joined up service, along with the fact that I have had to give my GP details god knows how many times over the last few months yet my Doctor had no idea about my fracture. He agreed with the physiotherapist in saying work are in for a wait, saying the rest of the arm could take as long again after the bone knits to some kind of solidity. He then formally gave me permission to enjoy another month of watching box sets.


Thomas the Tank egg

Friday, finally the rest of the tooth root came out thanks to a giant South African consultant, so back on the painkillers and no doubt the gut reaction, just when I was settling after the antibiotics 😦


India part of the Globe egg

Saturday a good day at last, met up with Bonnie ( over from Boston) and Caroline from my time in Mysore, great to reminisce and plan our next trips in the Covent Garden sunshine surrounded by this years batch of Easter eggs.


Humpty Dumpty egg

Home via AYL to check its still there.