Another month of box sets

Another week of appointments and not really getting anywhere. Started with Physiotherapy, my progress has definitely plateaued, I’m doing the work with my yellow band and trying to lift the arm. I can get it to only about 40 degrees, the physio said the whole shoulder is trying to lift and not just the arm. The other problem as she pointed out is that my left arm has literally no muscle compared with the right one, there is more meat on a KFC Chicken leg. She has however “promoted” me to the red stretchy band, I can move it about a 1000th of a millimetre, well that’s what it feels like. I’m only allowed to use that one once a day, progress is going to be microscopically, frustratingly incrementally slow . Physio is an uncomfortable half hour as she tries to push my arm a little bit more each time, it’s like yoga finding the edge, though made me laugh when she came out with a Miss Bysh comment as she painfully lifted my arm “No grimacing”!


New red stretch band that I can’t stretch!

In the mean time work have said I’m not allowed back until I can carry out my contracted duties in full, the Physiotherapist said they could be in for a long wait then!


Anatomy Egg

Next up was my GP, the hospital sick note ran out before I was due back there, another example of joined up service, along with the fact that I have had to give my GP details god knows how many times over the last few months yet my Doctor had no idea about my fracture. He agreed with the physiotherapist in saying work are in for a wait, saying the rest of the arm could take as long again after the bone knits to some kind of solidity. He then formally gave me permission to enjoy another month of watching box sets.


Thomas the Tank egg

Friday, finally the rest of the tooth root came out thanks to a giant South African consultant, so back on the painkillers and no doubt the gut reaction, just when I was settling after the antibiotics 😦


India part of the Globe egg

Saturday a good day at last, met up with Bonnie ( over from Boston) and Caroline from my time in Mysore, great to reminisce and plan our next trips in the Covent Garden sunshine surrounded by this years batch of Easter eggs.


Humpty Dumpty egg

Home via AYL to check its still there.


One Response to “Another month of box sets”

  1. Maria Says:

    box sets – have you seen House of Cards on Netflix? US remake of the BBC show from a few years back. Stars Kevin Spacey, and Robin Wright. its pretty good…. 🙂

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