Fractured Vinyasa


My Teacher said I should come by the Shala and do what I can, if for nothing else other than to reconnect with my practice and Shala mates. So I decided to run through my practice just to see what is possible, bearing in mind the restrictions of a still fractured Humerus and all the “Don’ts” the Physiotherapist has listed. Currently my arm can’t bear weight or lift more than about 50 degrees.

Surya A & B – I can’t lift the arms in prayer and no chance of Chaturanga or downward dog, so it’s just like bend forward and stand up again. My Calfs and hamstrings are aching for a good squashing!
Padungusthasana/Padahastasana – left arm can’t reach the foot, so it all feels a bit lopsided.
Trikonasana A – just about but i can’t lift my arm or grab my toe
Trikonasana B – no chance on first side as I can’t get the hand to the floor
Parsvakonasana A&B – Nope, would be too risky just yet.
Prasarita A – Almost, left fingers are almost all on the mat, but I can’t put weight in to the hands much.
Prasarita B – Sort of (Left arm / hand not in right position)
Prasarita C – surprisingly I can bind my hands but can’t lift them very far
Prasarita D – can’t reach left foot
Parsvottanasana – can’t do reverse prayer at all, so very modified
UHP – can do right leg, but left just has to hang out.
Ardha Baddha Padmot – nope, well I can get half lotus & stand there.
Utkatasana – I can’t lift my arms up, but I can squat.
Virabadrasana A&B – sort of, though I can’t lift my arm

No Vinyasas between sides or postures.
Paschimottanasana – a nice stretch, but left hand can’t reach the foot.
Purvottanasana – No chance!
Ardha Baddha padma Paschimottanasana – with right in Lotus just about, no chance with left.
Tiriang Mukha – a little lopsided as I can’t reach with the left hand.
Janusirsasana A-C – possible, but only grabbing with the right hand.
Marichyasana A-D – not possible, left arm won’t go round the knee or go far enough behind my back to bind the other way.
Navasana – why is this one always possible whatever I manage to do to myself !
Bhujapidasana – another weight bearing no chance
Kurmasana and Supta Kurmasana – Even if it is my favourite posture, No chance, as I don’t want to snap the bone under my thighs, can you imagine trying to explain that at A&E!
Garbha Pindasana – think that is going to be a while away.
Kukkutasana – Another weight bearing no chance.
Baddha Konasana – my hips still seem quite open, I think I could even stand someone squashing me 🙂
Upavistha Konasana – Again can only reach the right foot.
Supta Konasana – Nope, not going there yet.
Supta Padangusthasana – as per UHP only possible on the right.
Bum Balances – Nope, not going there yet.
Setu Bandhasana – Too risky for my neck at this time .

Pasasana – Krounchasana Neither are possible yet.
Salabhasana A – Yay can do this one!
Salabhasana B – Nope, obviously I can’t push on the hand.
Bhekasana – well I couldn’t do it before I broke my arm, I live in hope that this episode has miraculously sorted out my dyslexic left arm!

Urdva Dhanurasana – obviously a no no. Replaced by bed hanging, Bridges and cross arm hang back plus the odd Ustrasana , but don’t tell anyone.
Sarvangasana – Not quite yet.
Halasana – Actually yes, as the weight isn’t bearing on my arm or shoulder joint.
Karnapidasana – Yes, though like in Halasana my arms can’t touch the floor yet.
Urdva Padmasana – Balance issues.
Matsyasana – I can’t get into the backbend without the arm leverage and pulling on the arm is banned by the Physiotherapist
Uttana Padasana – if I could get the backbend then yes, modified to a horizontal Navasana kind of effort.
Sirsasana – No
Baddha Padmasana – I couldn’t bind it before!
Padmasana – yes
Utplutihi – obviously no chance.
Savasana – Of course 🙂

Well a lot of no no’s and modifications, but also quite a lot is now possible, 7 weeks ago I couldn’t straighten my arm and had no feeling in my fingers, now I can do much more. Really tempted by L’s invitation, not to mention the after practice croissants!


7 Responses to “Fractured Vinyasa”

  1. donutszenmom Says:

    I’m no teacher or yoga therapist, so obviously take this with a grain of salt: it sounds like a good idea to do what you can do. And then breakfast afterwards!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Karen, I think I need to get a bit more confident with what I’m doing before I go in a Mysore room, but I’m really missing the vibe and the people, maybe I should just start with the croissants!

  2. suzanne Says:

    lol about navasana! so true. i think kino has navasana vinyasa alternative posted, to do when you can’t put weight on you wrists or something like that..and do go back to the shala, even if you do less than you listed above..just going in and meditating there might be a nice start. the energy will be good for you.

    • globie Says:

      Hi Suzanne, yes it’s the energy, the people and missing being somewhere I love to be, doing something I love doing, maybe going there will be a mental if not a physical lift.

  3. Susie Gardner-Brown Says:

    Ditto on the navasana issue!!! I do think going back to the shala, (while being very conscious not to allow the imbibed enthusiasm not to push you too far!) is a great idea … 🙂

  4. Helen-Aldred Says:

    Hi Kev, You obviously have to be very careful. I am a bit confused why you need to be more confident with what your doing before you go to the Mysore room? Surely you can get some help working that out slowly at your own pace in a Mysore class. Just be happy to there and don’t get carried away!

    • globie Says:

      Hi Helen,
      In a busy Mysore room where Assistants tend to “appear” and adjust, I’m wary of someone doing something without them realising its “me” with the broken arm.

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