Raisin Danish to the revolving Donut


Sunday was great, practice at the Shala followed by a Raisin Danish yogi breakfast.


3/4 still to go 😦

Then Monday came round. Monday meant a new X-ray and Fracture Clinic. I thought it had been a month of getting a little stronger and more movement with the Physiotherapy, but the x-ray showed the fracture appears to have stopped knitting together by itself, this is NOT good. Three quarters of the fracture is still a gap, by week 10 it should all be pretty much united.


Non sugary Donut

The Doctor prescribed a visit to the Donut, aka a CT Scan to confirm the non knitting and the likelihood of surgery. Todays CT scan was a new experience, laying on a trolley that moves through the Donut ring scanner, I tried to watch it spin above me, but realised that wasn’t a good idea, as I got dizzy! Now I need to wait 2 weeks for the next Fracture Clinic appointment to find out the result.

Meanwhile it’s back to doing the physio and doing what practice I can, but we could be back to square one in a couple of weeks. 2 Shala Sundays to D-day.

In the mean time I have been asked to give another talk on Mysore this Saturday, I hope the next time I’m off work for 3 months I’m in Mysore and not stuck at home with a broken arm.


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