Actual sweat!

It could just have been that Louise had cranked up the heating, but for the first time in 10 weeks I practised and produced some sweat! Much more help this week, Louise has worked out how to assist and help me. Trikonasana A and B and Parsvakonasana A and B, instead of trying to stretch the left arm forward she got me to put it on my hip before bringing the shoulder back, just as the Physiotherapist ordered. All of standing is doable, just about.. UHP help, but an unbound or bent Ardha Baddha Padmot. My arm just won’t lift up, despite the physio pulley, so Utkatasana and Virabadrasana look a bit strange, but at least my legs and Bandhas are there.

Nothing weight bearing and no vinyasas, I still have to miss out the Bhujapidasana through to Garba Pindasana section. Mari A assist after Louise saw i had bound the first side, deepening the twist but not pulling on the arm. Definitely no pulling allowed now I know the fracture has stopped joining. Baddha Konasana assisted again this week and even a one toe grab Supta Konasana up and over. Ubhya etc no chance and a dodgy Setu B, a struggle to get up and balance.

Salabhasana A and B this week, well B very carefully putting not too much weight in to the left hand, but a nice bend. Louise did the cross arm backbends with me this week, that felt sooooo good, supporting the bend and taking my shoulder blades down my back, I couldn’t quite see the floor, but it was a much deeper back bend than I’ve managed in 10 weeks, it was worth the trip to AYL just for that along with the heat, energy and enjoyment of practising with others. I’m amazed how long this very modified practice takes still, but going back has been what I needed.

After the bad news of probably going back to the surgery plan, at least returning to the Shala has been good, Louise encouraging me to return has come at the right time. The sudden call to give another Mysore talk with 2 days notice has also given my mind other things to focus on. So many people came up to me afterwards to say how much they had enjoyed it, the hour flew by for me and for them by the sound of the feedback.

Finally being the first Sunday of the month means the monthly “meditation and realising your dreams” workshop with Susan Earl. It’s mentally hard work, we certainly get to think about the reasons we have for not realising whatever our own personal dream is and this week Susan discussed “obstacles” that we perceive, those obstacles that stops us making the changes and doing what would make us happy. I’d never heard of neuroplasticity until today, but Susan explained that the brain can constantly make adjustments, not just in response to injuries, but also in relation to life changes.

At least the workshop, going back to practice and giving talks stops me getting too fed up with the seemingly never ending fractured arm. Two weeks to D-day. I need a rest now, it’s been a pretty busy few days.


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