Full schedule

Despite having more free time than I can fill with box sets, I still seem to have a never ending schedule of things to do, just as well really, anything that takes my mind away from the intermittent pain and the will they won’t they operate saga.

I seem to have reached a plateau with what yoga I can do, so a friend suggested I talk to her Pilates rehab therapist. It just so happens that the Therapist has an offer on of a course of 6 one to one sessions at a huge discount, so I decided to see what she could do for me. It turned out the first session was free, mainly consisting of an assessment of my posture with regard to the fracture. No surprises there, left shoulder higher and forward and neck more lopsided than it usually is. She certainly seems to know her stuff, working out how she could help me and explaining the anatomy of what is wrong and needs to happen. Only about 30 minutes on the mat doing physical movements, getting me to put my thumbs on my ASIS and rotate the pelvis. Breathing in to my back to help get the shoulder blades back and down my back. All small subtle movements but very effective. Looking forward to the next session.


The local Mountain

The monthly Meditation & Realising Dreams workshop teacher decided we needed an outing, so last night we headed off to what passes for a mountain round here, Ivinghoe Beacon is nearly 800 feet above sea level after all. Luckily a nice mild evening as we silently walked to the top in the pitch dark, at the top is a stone Kern around which we made a circle as Susan led her meditation in competition with the wind and the jets descending in to Luton.

Back to reality today with Physiotherapy, that certainly made me be in the present as she manipulated my arm. She told me the x-ray shows that unless a miracle occurs it is time for surgery. She has given me a new blue stretchy band that I can hardly pull and a particular exercise to get the shoulder as loose as possible in preparation for the possible surgery. She said if the shoulder isn’t moving before surgery, getting it to move post surgery will be difficult.

So with the yoga I can do, plus the physio and Pilates exercises half the day is already gone


6 Responses to “Full schedule”

  1. Nico Says:

    Hi there, would you mind please explaining how you do your “bed hanging” to open up your shoulders? I think it would help my tight shoulders and UD! Thank you.
    P.S. love your blog. 🙂

  2. globie Says:

    Hi Nico,
    “Bed hanging” is done more to open the thoracic spine to help with back bends. You can use a bed or big table, basically you start by laying with just the very top of your shoulders hanging over the edge and arms parallel and overhead. As you relax and get more comfortable you can progress more of the upper back to be hanging over the edge.
    If you have found references to bed hanging in posts I have written this year it’s because the fracture stops me lifting the arm up, so I’m bed hanging to try and use gravity to help my arm lift, rather than to help my backbends.

  3. Savannah Says:

    Ugh! I know you want to get the surgery so that things can heal properly but having it loom like that at some point in the near future isn’t fun. Hang in there, Kevin.
    And please know that you are STILL an inspiration with how much effort you have put in to work with and around this injury – both physically and emotionally. I applaud you!

  4. Helen Says:

    What a lovely comment from Savannah! Glad to hear you have some projects Kevin. The Pilates teacher sounds fab!

  5. Globie Says:

    Hi Helen,

    I have Pilates session again tomorrow, alas everything else has gone sour.

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