NHS frustration

Practice is where it is, at least i managed to get to AYL this week, standing is mostly doable and quite a lot of seated up to Navasana, but still no way is the Bhujapidasana through to Garba sequence possible. Baddha Konasana is good, especially with Louise squashing me down followed by a superb assist in Supta Padang squashing the bottom leg to the ground at the same time as stretching the hamstring of the vertical leg. Louise and Emma have worked out how to assist me now, deep twist in Parsvakonasana and deep bending me in the Prasarita. After Salabhasana I’m getting away with adding in Ustrasana in lieu of backbend, before I get assisted cross arm half way drop backs, feels so nice to get that deep bend, roll on the day when I can do it on my own again.

Nonunion – Why won’t they just do it?

The Hospital is another matter, I finally saw the CT scan, which still shows the fracture not uniting, I was supposed to see the Consultant this time, but yet again got fobbed off with an underling, the Underling concurred with the last one saying its time for surgery to pin it together. I agreed to it, went through the fitness for surgery Q&A and he went off to get a confirmation.

However on his return he changed his story (obviously under orders from above) to say they want to give it yet another 6 weeks, it’s already been 15! If its still not united by then another CT scan (add another 3 weeks) taking us to 24 weeks, which is bloody ridiculous, considering how uncomfortable and at times down right painful it still is. I was not amused and have now complained to the Trust, see where that gets me, no hum won’t hold my breath as these people seem to be unable to make a decision.


A trip to Oxford was fun.

At least the Pilates sessions are good. Her weekly photo and assessment show my shoulders are lowering, especially the left one, despite the ongoing fracture situation. Interesting physical and breathing exercises, I didn’t realise it was possible to breathe more into one lung than the other, all aimed at undoing the clump of shoulder muscles and opening the thoracic spine. Every session adds a couple more exercises to do during the week. It’s also proving educational, she explains the anatomy and what needs to happen or change. I didn’t know I had a Acromion or what or where the brilliant for Scrabble Xiphoid is!

At least all the Pilates, Physio and what yoga I can do passes a few hours each day.


4 Responses to “NHS frustration”

  1. Maria Says:

    Ah, no Kevin. Thats ridiculous. Can you not just demand the surgery? Or go private (Ok I know that’s not cheap…. but at this stage… maybe its worth the €€??)

    • globie Says:

      Hi Maria, I tried demanding they do it. What pisses me of is that 2 Doctors from the Orthopaedic department have said it should be done, yet Head Honcho says no. Makes me wonder if its a budgetary decision at this time of year.
      I looked into private, about £4.5K, ironically it would be same Consultant!

  2. Savannah Says:

    That x-ray picture makes the whole thing infinitely more frustrating! I don’t understand why they continue to wait, either…

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