NHS U-turn

After a tortuous journey, 2 trains cancelled and a car ride I walked through AYL’s door to find it very busy. Spot in the corner by the mat cupboard would do, but as I practised I realised I didn’t feel right, sodding infection. Louise squashed me in Paschimottanasana and I thought I was going to explode, I plodded through to Baddha Konasana then decided to abandon the project, heading off in to the Closing room to lay in Savasana while I plotted how to get home. I must have felt crap, I didn’t even stop for a croissant!

There’s been a turn round, since I complained about the interminable delay in getting my fracture treated. I obviously hit a nerve somewhere in the NHS, as Monday morning I was woken by the noise of my silently charging cell phone vibrating its way off the bedside table. The call was from the head honcho Consultant’s Secretary asking me to attend that mornings Fracture Clinic, despite not having an appointment and not the Clinic in 6 weeks time as they had told me the week before!

Checked in and whisked straight through by the Nurse to see the man himself, who was grovellingly apologetic, saying I’d slipped through the cracks and how he was going to put it right. The upshot being he had now actually looked at the x-rays and CT scan and agreed that after 15 weeks it wasn’t going to heal on its own and does now need the plate and screw surgery and would next week be ok?

So I’m on the Trauma list waiting for the call. The ops a bit more involved than I thought, 3 hours long and involves not only rebreaking the 25% that has united, filing up the edges to get a nice fit, before plating and screwing the fracture back together. To help the join they are also going to “harvest”, don’t you just love that word, some bone from the top of my Pelvis, so by the time it’s done I probably won’t be able to stand up as well as not be able to use my arm again. But at last we have a light in the tunnel, even if this does mean starting the rehab again.

When they get their arse in gear it’s amazing, no sooner had I got home hardly from the Clinic than I was summoned for my Pre op assessment the next day.

Lunchtime today the phone rings again, it’s the Trauma Nurse to say next Wednesday is the big day, bring on my bionic arm!


9 Responses to “NHS U-turn”

  1. Karen Says:

    Gosh, he’s not kidding about falling through a crack. I’m happy they’re finally paying attention, Kevin — you’ve certainly waited long enough. Hopefully all will go smoothly from here on out.

    • globie Says:

      Hi Karen, well if I hadn’t started kicking up they probably wouldn’t have done anything. Yep hope Wednesday is the beginning of something better.

  2. Susie Gardner-Brown Says:

    Wow … ! Bring on Wednesday and the start of the new Kevin I say!
    Good luck … 🙂

  3. grimmly Says:

    Great news it’s finally happening Kevin, hope it all goes off to plan and isn’t too uncomfortable.

  4. suzanne Says:

    good luck with the surgery! glad they changed their mind..

  5. Savannah Says:

    Yay! Yipee!! Woo hoo!! Bionic arm, here we come!!

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