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April 24, 2013

Three weeks since the surgery, the arm has settled down, the graft site still catches me out. I can straighten my arm, do sawing and chopping movements, squeeze a ball and move my shoulder blades together, but that’s all I’m allowed. I’m not allowed to move the arm outwards.


On Monday I finally saw the metalwork that’s joined my arm up, pretty impressive stuff. I expect alarms to be going off in Airports and tube stations with knife detectors!

At Monday Fracture Clinic they told me the reason the fracture remained non union was because the tissue between the two bits of bone had started to turn to fibre instead of bone. The Doctor also told me the reason I’m not allowed to move the arm outwards is because during surgery they had to undo a muscle at the front of my chest/shoulder and then put it back. It’s going to take a few months for this muscle to join back on to the tissue, tendons and bone and I could tear it off if I move it outwards. The sling has to stay on for another couple of weeks.

The stitches also came out, this wasn’t as stressful as I imagined, I only felt the last ones pull as the Nurse removed them. Though both the sites are still sore.

The Physiotherapist has given me a couple of extra things to do, next week she is allowed to do more, but this week she just tested the movement I have and used massage pressure to try and free up the knot in my neck caused by the sling. I was a guinea pig for the trainee physiotherapist who was shadowing her this week. What with the re attaching muscle and all the arm muscles that were moved she says it will be at least 3 months of rehab. I can’t really start any kind of yoga practice until the muscle is safely attached again.

This has turned into a long recovery road, but at least I’m now on the right road.


A bit of a blur

April 6, 2013

I was thinking this blog should be renamed “The Journey of no practice”, but at least I’m hoping there is at last an end in sight of the fractured proximal humerus saga.

Nil by mouth from midnight on Tuesday , admitted to Hospital at Noon on Wednesday, just after 3pm the last words I remember from the polish Anaesthetist were “sweet dreams” zzzzzzzzzzzz. Vaguely with the world again at 8pm, though not really sure, it was all a drug induced blur of slipping in and out of consciousness until the Sister came to stick the anti clot injection in to stomach, she just did it, probably a good thing as if I’d been more with it I would have tensed from the memory of that needle 2 years ago. It’s still a bloody painful 10 seconds, she did at least bring me a cuppa afterwards.

Thursday I was supposed to go home, but the nerve block on my shoulder had worn off and the pain in my Pelvis from the graft was too much, god knows how much medication by tablet, oral liquid and finally when it got to much a morphine drip, sending me back into the zombie semi conscious zone. So being still there another evening stomach jab, owww. Stings for ages after.

Finally Friday enough lucidity and pain stability to talk to the Consultant, who showed me the spectacular x-ray of pins holding it all together. He said not only had he pinned the fracture but separated all the muscles that were glued together after 4 months. The Physiotherapist told me what I can and can’t do. Surprised she got me out of the sling then to be able to almost straighten the arm from day one, though warned I may not get full movement back. I can’t do much until all the stitches come out in 2 weeks time.

Got home at 6pm Friday, without the strong hospital painkillers to knock me out, not a lot of sleep, no position seems comfortable.

Ani, a Nun at Bylekuppe near Mysore bought my download Mysore map a while back and we have been chatting about Mysore, she sent me this lovely Get Well card PDF

Ani in Mysore, click the PDF to see her lovely get well message