5 months later

Five months since I was last able to practice my full list and seemingly still nowhere near being able to do it again. And there I was thinking I was making progress in March at least going back to the Shala and feeling like I was doing something with Louise’s help.

The rehab is a very slow process, so far I’m allowed only very gentle pendular swings, sawing and chopping movements and the physiotherapist does passive abduction and elevation, where I just lay there and have to tell her when to stop. She tells me I’ve also lost movement/rotation in my wrist through all the time I’ve been in my poly sling.

The sling is also having a detrimental effect on my shoulders and neck as well, so she’s added in some posture exercises, though again these are very gentle movements.

Progress is necessarily slow for reasons, because of the muscle they had to remove/replace during the operation and the Physio doesn’t want to push this until she knows its at least beginning to heal, but how do you tell. Also she was sent information about the surgery and what needs to happen, but the handwriting is so appalling, yes I know I can’t talk, but its impossible to read what the Consultant has written and so the physiotherapist is reluctant to push my rehab. She has actually asked me to ask some questions at Fracture Clinic next week so that she knows what she is allowed to do.

I never thought that 5 months later I would still be nowhere near being able to work again or go to practice. As teacher Cat said there is still breath and Bandha, but everything else is turning to mush with a lack of meaningful activity and hours watching box sets while drinking tea and munching biscuits.

I had expected to be looking forward to a week in Spain with Dena at the end of June, but can’t see that happening, next on the list Kino in London in August, that could be too soon at this slow rate of progress or led primary with Sharath at the end of August. Looking like another year to write off at this rate. Christmas at Purple Valley is looking likely.


4 Responses to “5 months later”

  1. Ragdoll Says:

    Sorry to read that it’s all taking so long. What a frustrating time. The cartoon at the top of this blog is so very apt.

    Hope you’re at least getting to enjoy the milder weather – maybe brisk walks can give you some of the endorphin that you’re missing without your practice? When I was unemployed I used to walk a couple of miles each way to get the paper – not that I didn’t have a shop nearer, just that it gave my walk some purpose.

    Try not to think of it as a year to write off. I hope you only mean in terms of practice but then again I’m not so sure. I have no advice on how not to think that way though . . . just that it’s the only life you’ve got, and every day counts let alone every year.

    • globie Says:

      Hi R

      Yes I had no idea when I put that cartoon up there how apt it would become in the last three years.

      Considering they told me 8-10 weeks when I broke it and now it’s going to be 30+ weeks, that’s 60% of the year it’s very frustrating.

      Apart from the 3 months in Mysore at the end of 2011, the last 3 years seem to have all been a bit of a struggle and frustration what with two spells in Hospital and all that’s gone with it, so I suppose I do refer to more than just my practice when it seems like another year turning to crap. At least I had my practice before, but now I don’t even have that.

      I’ve done a little geocaching, walking with a purpose, though its all steep hills round here. I just pass the days, but seems like another year of hoping the next year will be better.

  2. Ragdoll Says:

    Ooh, I reckon I could get properly obsessed with geocaching. But I already have my Poolmate and my swimming obsession so had better resist!
    Are their people you can meet up with during the days, make the most of not being at work? For me it would be spending time with the friends who work part time, or are on maternity leave. Or I’d join dozen book groups at once – reading with purpose!

    • globie Says:

      I’ve found around 250 geocaches in different countries. There are some underwater ones dotted around,so hope for you and your Poolmate!

      Most people I know work full time, I don’t know anyone on maternity leave.

      I’ve already read more books in the last 6 months than in the last few years.

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