The good news after three hours today of sitting around in Fracture Clinic is that the fracture is healing well, you have to look hard at the x-ray to see the join, the metalwork is good and I have some movement and am allowed out of the sling when I’m sitting around watching TV etc. the Consultant said its basically over to the Physiotherapist now.


Looking good

However it’s still going to be a very long job, Mr Consultant signed me off for at least another two months and possibly longer. The problem is the Subscapularis muscle or more specifically the tendon that joins it to the Humerus, this is the muscle that got mucked about with during the operation. The arm can only move outwards by 20 degrees or so and not far vertically and ONLY the physiotherapist is supposed to do it with me passively laying there while she does it. I have to wait for her to tell me when I can do it myself and it won’t be for a while.


Subscapularis tendon that needs to heal ( photo taken from here )

The Subscapularis is essential for lifting and for overhead sports such as tennis or swimming or in my case lifting the arms in to Surya A or landing dropbacks and all the other fun stuff I miss doing.


I thought summer was at least coming, but the wind, hail and rain are back blowing the blossom off my trees. I’m keeping warm reading the prospectus of Abby’s TT, which she has asked if I was interested in doing. I’ve never thought about teaching, I once covered the beginners Ashtanga at the local place when the teacher was sick.


2 Responses to “Subscapularis”

  1. D Says:

    Good to read that the fracture is healing well, even if the entire process of recovery feels endless. Slowly, slowly, all is coming!! 🙂

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