Back in my favourite spot

Think this is going to come to soon.

This morning for the first time in over two months and 7 weeks since the surgery I went back to practice at AYL. It had been so long I had to ask J what the door code was! Unrolled my mat in my favourite spot in the corner by the window, sun streaming in. Louise asking about my range of motion and strength, some and zero, then telling me not to go anywhere near as far as I may be tempted by the energy and heat of the Shala.

Surya’s are a faff, but the Shala being pretty cosy already it’s not so much of an issue warming up. Standing has quite a few limitations such as not being able to lift the left arm or reach anywhere near my toe in Trikonasana, though I can go quite a way in Prasarita C without feeling it in the pesky Subscapularis. Louise arrived for the UHP balance, very stable with her there, no danger of toppling over. Super squash in Paschimottanasana, that’s so nice finding length again. Apart from Purvottanasana I can do everything up to the second side of Mari A, though its a vinyasa free practice for now. Mari C it’s the first side I can’t do and a twist has to suffice for Mari D. The Pelvis graft has settled down so Navasana is doable. I have to miss out the next section before getting back with the program at Baddha Konasana, yay Louise taking her time adding the pressure until my nose was on the mat. No bum balances and a it of a lopsided UHP and a lame Setu Bandhasana.

Louise lets me do what I need to , so it’s some squatting and twisting but a no binding Pasasana, Salabhasana is there, though B is not so good without being able to use the arm. I could barely do Bhekasana before and now i cant even reach my foot, so no point worrying about that one for a while. Ustrasana before some hang backs, L leaving me alone to play before I head for the Finishing Room. Closing is a mish mash, all that stuff on the shoulders is a bit difficult just now and as for Sirsasana or Uth Plutihi………… There is still a long way to go to get anywhere approaching what passes for normal practice, but unlike the last time I went to the Shala I am at least going in the right direction.

It was so good to be back in that room followed by the usual croissant breakfast.

Usually that would then be time to head home, but not today, a long breakfast then lunch before heading to Mel and Emil’s sunny Tottenham garden for the new yoga philosophy discussion group, this was the first meeting to see how it would work out. Mel knows her subject, an interesting discussion about the meaning of the opening Mantra and how it leads us from normality to being concentrated on our mats.

I think 2013 may be improving at last 🙂


8 Responses to “Back in my favourite spot”

  1. StEvE Says:

    You’re so lucky to work with Louise’s guidance. Please tell her she needs to book another holiday in Thailand asap.

    (If you include the door code in the opening Mantra, you’ll master it in a couple of days).

    • globie Says:

      Yes Louise is Definitley the right teacher for where my body is now

      I like your thinking but I would have to chant in the street until I got to the door code 🙂

  2. suzanne Says:

    glad you are able to practice again 🙂

  3. susiegbsie Says:

    Lovely that you were able to get to AYL again. I managed my first practices in many months over the weekend. First one I only lasted for 20 minutes (!) but was able to stretch it to half an hour the next one. It is a long road back from illness/injury, but at least it’s as familiar road

  4. mariavlong Says:

    Great news. Very happy for you.

  5. Savannah Says:

    Yay, Kevin!! I can hear the happiness coming through in your post and that makes me so genuinely happy for you!! I am proud of you. This hasn’t been an easy road but you persevere. It makes me feel such joy to know you’ve reclaimed whatever parts of your practice you can. And I’m glad the study group got off the ground. I wish I could join you all there. 🙂

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