Crawling progress

AYL was quiet, lots of space, then suddenly 30 minutes later it was packed Louise was calling “one more” every once in a while. A sweaty practice in my usual spot by the window. My fingers are reaching further down my leg in Trikonasana, they have to crawl down, they can’t reach initially. More random assists this week, the first week it was forward bends, last week it was twists. This week I got helped with Trikonasana and UHP in standing. Prasarita A I can almost get my hand down, C I’m getting quite a way over, gravity helps, though Prasarita D my fingers can only crawl half way along my left foot. At least I remembered Utkatasana this week 🙂

I think my shoulder was a bit looser having had massage during the week, there is nothing like a bit of thumbs on intervention for separating the tissue and freeing everything up.

Seated help came in Paschimottanasana , Janu A, Tiriang Mukha and Baddha Konasana B. still no Bhujapidasana – Kurmasana section or bum balances. Pasasana again is just a deep squat and twist, Salabhasana A and B, though B is a bit tilted on to the right side. I get away with a Ustrasana in lieu of anything deeper, Urdva Dhanurasana is impossible, so a bridge will have to suffice, though I’ve moved on to trying to get the hands back in the right position, even if I’m not lifting up fully. The temptation to push up is there, but until I can actually raise my arm vertically and have some muscle back it’s not going to happen. As Kino says keep sending the message, one day….

Practice done the arm aches, so it has to go back in the sling and just hang out, but that annoys my neck and shoulders, it’s a never ending cycle, eventually it will annoy me too much and the massage therapist has to be called, just a pity that’s not on the NHS like the physiotherapy is.


Just as I was leaving Louise called me back to check on how my arm is putting up with practice and to point out the blackboard in the finishing room, next Sunday is Moon day, she looks after her Sunday students. Well that saved a train trip I would of made, as I hadn’t spotted the notice. I’ve never yet managed to turn up on a Moon day, that would have been a first.

Back to the physiotherapist this week, my arm is aching with the thought.


2 Responses to “Crawling progress”

  1. Ragdoll Says:

    That looks like a lot of progress from where I’m sitting – though of course changes are always easier to see from the outside.

    Thanks goodness for the moon day warning, turning up to find there was no class might have been the last straw for you!

    • globie Says:

      That’s good to hear, it feels like a bit of a plateau now, until I can put some weight into the arm I can’t get much further.

      I’m glad Louise mentioned it, H actually did go a while back when she was down here and found the door locked.

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