Yellow is back

Off the mat, its back to the Physiotherapist. I’ve been doing my physio exercises every day, sometimes during practice and sometimes on their own, but every day, at least twice a day. She was pleased with my progress, I can move my arm outwards to some extent now and vertically about 10 degrees above shoulder level. I asked her about the burning sensation I’ve been getting, I thought this was good, but apparently burning is bad, it means the nerves are getting pissed off and I’m doing too much, I’m just too diligent!

She is pleased I’ve started to return to the Shala, I got the impression many of her patients do little exercise, she says that anything that helps me get back to where I was can only be good. She measured how far I can get my arm behind my back, although I can’t get it very far up my back, I can get it round the other side of my waist, as if binding a half lotus posture. Despite my injured state and much to her surprise I could get my arm further round than she could get her fully functioning arm!


Although I have more range of motion I have absolutely zero strength, so today she gave me a new yellow stretchy band to start to work the muscles in the upper arm. So basically I’m back to where I was on the 30th January when she first gave me a yellow band. But I’ve got lots of new exercises to do, but hopefully without going for the burn!

All this is good progress, however I’m still a very long way from normality and the company have finally decided they can wait no longer for my arm to be able to do what it did and have terminated my contract, so I’m looking for a new job that I am physically able to do.


8 Responses to “Yellow is back”

  1. V Says:

    I’m sorry to hear about work Kev. That sucks and you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a new job when you are still recovering.

    • globie Says:

      Thanks Vanessa,I can’t blame them they waited as long as they could,but they are a tiny company and need the job doing. The nature of the job makes it impossible for many months still and nearly a year is ridiculous for a broken arm.

      There are jobs I could do, part time would be nice, so hopefully I will find something as I’m running out of box sets.

  2. susiegbsie Says:

    Bummer about the job Kevin – but hopefully the ‘one door closes another opens’ scenario will work for you!

    And good that you’re managing to get back to the shala. Everytime I try there’s another health issue in the way! Right now I’m aiming for maybe Saturday week. (And I have emailed Dena saying I’m hoping to come to Bali – she’s keeping a place for me till I tell her otherwise!!)

  3. Sam Says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a fab new job x

  4. J Says:

    Good luck with the job finding. I really got a kick out of following your map up and down the streets of Mysore!

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