Sun in Prasarita C

The weather and practice seem to be improving, though no good news on the job front.

Sunny morning outside the Shala, an oven inside

Summer is here at last and the Shala was already full when I got there this morning, luckily some of the early birds were already on backbends, so I didn’t have to wait long for a spot, thanks Ben. I got the spot right in front of where Louise hangs out with her Assistant, so as well as heat and sweat from the start I also got plenty of help.

The walls were sweating!

The arm is gaining strength, the big problem is still range of motion, so although I can push up into Purvottanasana quite easily now I still can’t do a Downward dog because of the angle the arm needs to be at. I still can’t lift the arm much over chest height in the Asana environment . Some of the range of motion is surprising, Prasarita C is very doable now, though until today Louise hasn’t assisted it, but today she saw me taking extra breaths getting my arms further over and she decided to very gently give me a hand, that’s the first PPC assist since December! But being able to have that adjustment shows I am making some progress and not stuck on my plateau and the weirdest thing is since the surgery PPC now feels more open and less stress, though I still can’t touch down.


Sunny Green Park

Seated are coming back slowly, though still one sided like the Marichyasana’s, which I am back to binding when it’s the right arm going round the knee. Poses like the Janu’s and Tiriang Mukha it’s a right arm toe grab only, but at least the stretch is back in the legs. I can now get my arms and legs in to the start of Bhujapidasana though not lifting or crossing the feet.

I can finger touch the first side of Pasasana again, all the squatting is helping to give me the stability, one handed Krounchasana, Salabhasana A and B are back to normal, not tried Bhekasana yet. Ustrasana still has to suffice for a backbend, though I’ve now added in the start of Urdva Dhanurasana , ie feet and hands in position but only the legs and back go up, the arms press the ground but make no attempt to push up. Hanging backbends are good, I have to resist the temptation to plop down, the control is back in my legs, I think a one handed landing could be a bit iffy! At least Louise gave me a nice Paschimottanasana squash before I gave up my space to the next person waiting. People were starting their practice in the finishing room, it was so busy today.

Cloudy St Pancras!

After breakfast and catching the sun in Green Park it was off to 7 Sisters for the Philosophy discussion group at MC’s, we did the closing chant this week, really interesting discussion. Just glad Moon day wasn’t today instead of tomorrow, otherwise I would have missed a lovely sweaty practice and a nice afternoon.

Happy Moon day, though glad it wasn’t today.

Just need a job of some kind now, but nothing much doing in the sticks, I did actually have an interview during the week, but haven’t heard anything, so back to the drawing board.


4 Responses to “Sun in Prasarita C”

  1. suzanne Says:

    glad you are making progress with your practice. good luck finding a job!

  2. Savannah Says:

    I am absolutely ASTOUNDED at the progress you’re making, Kevin! Judging from your descriptions, you are gaining strength every week. I can’t believe all of the poses you seem to be able to do with your arm flexed backward. Purvotanasana, Prasarita C, etc. Good for you! All is coming… Watching you chip away at these things is, as always, inspiring. I had to laugh about the sweaty walls pic/comment. That’s always so crazy when that happens!

    • globie Says:

      Thanks S, the strength is coming back, the range of motion is still the problem, strange that my arm will lift higher backwards in Prasarita C than just trying to lift up. It is still nowhere near being able to reverse around the knees in Marichyasana or Pasasana .
      It was an oven in there (as I like it) when it’s like that you can see the walls glistening.

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