In the right place for Greenpeace

Dots climbing

By pure chance I was in London today when I received a text to say there was some kind of demonstration on The Shard, the highest building in Western Europe, by some Greenpeace ladies, who were trying to climb to the top. I was only 3 tube stops away so decided to take in the spectacle.


The Shard

Turned out from chatting to one of the Security guys that the 6 Greenpeace protesters had started the climb at 4:30am after evading security by starting off from the roof of the adjacent London Bridge station. As the security man said “shit will hit the fan” as this was a peaceful protest, but what if it had been more sinister?

The action was to protest against Shell’s oil exploration of the Arctic.


Can just make out the ropes around the opening
By the time I got there the 6 women had got a fair way up the 1000 plus feet on to a high ledge, you could clearly see the ropes still hanging off the sides and every so often a head would peak over the edge and give the crowd a wave. Much of the surrounding area was cordoned off by the Police and Security, the stations glass roof being too much of a danger if something or someone had dropped on it from 1000 feet above.

The TV and radio news crews were there and there were a couple of helicopters filming, I got asked my thoughts by Sky News, being filmed as I told them, “whatever you think of the protest, it takes some nerve and skill to climb a building like that”.

Sky news
At the bottom Greenpeace people were giving interviews and there was a huge white sheet they asked people to leave a message of support on.

Signing the sheet in support
By the time I got home two of the women were making the climb to the top, they had planned to put up some kind of art work, but with darkness and safety in mind they unfurled a flag at the top before they were all arrested.

BBC picture


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