More coming

Well apart from watching the Greenpeace girls climbing The Shard this week I also restarted the 1-2-1 Pilates lessons, I am certainly in a better physical state than when I had my last lesson back in March before the surgery, which meant Emma could do more things with me than she expected. She worked mainly on the restriction in the front of my shoulder that is stopping me raising the arm using the Physio roller, which I can also do at home. Lots of inhaling and moving the arm in its socket while trying not to let the shoulder lift. She also has me doing core exercises using my wooden backbender. It’s all good though it aches afterwards.

AYL again despite the useless train company’s best effort to thwart the trip in to the city. As expected on the hottest day of the year I was soon dripping despite all my restrictions.

Ganesh, obstacle remover

All may not be coming yet, but more is, I can faff a Surya A by stepping back and dropping on my knees, updog is possible but still not Chaturanga and I can do a two second downward dog, but at least it’s a better way to get things moving. Standing is now not bad, i can almost touch my left toe in Trikonasana. Louise assisted PPC again, my arm much prefers lifting backwards, I don’t think the floor is far away.

Seated now have a faff vinyasa between sides and postures for as long as the arm will put up with it, ( up to Mari C), lots of stepping and using the knees, but at least I have movement and can realign the back. Lovely Baddha Konasana assist, Louise kind of moulds herself like a rucksack to your back as she uses her weight to push you down, but it felt really comfortable once I was down flat.

Busy again, but at least no waiting or starting in the Finishing Room.

A surprise on the second side of Krounchasana as I managed to take my right foot with both hands, another tiny success. Backbends are going to have to carry on being Salabhasana then Ustrasana , but the cross arm hang backs are bringing the mat tantalisingly in to view as my legs have got the descent back under control. Louise let’s me do what I can before giving me a mega Paschimottanasana squashing.

Closing is still just the Shoulderstand sequence. I need to experiment with Matsyasana and Utana P. Sirsasana is still impossible.

So more is slowly coming.


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