More Pilates & yoga tourism


Liver Building

Another great midweek one-two-one Pilates lesson, exercises to try and get more range of motion in the shoulder and some added challenge with core exercises, which may look simple, but which are surprisingly tiring after half a dozen goes. More homework to add to the yoga and physio, it’s a good job I’m not working with all the rehab I do now.

Popes Wigwam

Not having been further than London in the last 5 months I decided to take up Helen’s invitation to the Liverpool yoga social on Friday night, just nice to get away and be somewhere different. Thursday I spent 6 hours on the bus from London up to Liverpool, luckily my B&B was a 5 minute walk and I got room 108.

Room 108

Friday, on a scorching hot day I explored the city, I missed out The Beatles and instead took in the Popes wigwam, then the observation wheel to get some great views over the city. The Albert Dock, Liverpool Museum, but it was too nice to be inside, so a lot of wandering before lunch with H at the Egg Cafe.

Observation Wheel


Albert Dock

Actual yoga tourism began with Helen’s beginners Ashtanga class, an easy pick and mix primary, but very sweaty in this heat. Nice class, nothing to annoy my shoulder, first led I’ve done since the fracture, nice assists in PPC and Mari C.


The main reason to come up here was the Yoga social, lovely to see some familiar faces, blogger Ragdoll and Jen who I last saw in Mysore, wherever you go yogis seem to be a friendly welcoming bunch of people.


Eleanor Rigby


7 Responses to “More Pilates & yoga tourism”

  1. Ragdoll Says:

    Lovely photos, those blue skies are incredible!

  2. Susie Gardner-Brown Says:

    Sounds like you had a great time Kev! I do wish they had more yoga ‘social’ stuff around here (downunder!)

    • globie Says:

      It was fun, nice to see somewhere different. When are you coming over again to join us for Sunday breakfast?

      • susiegb Says:

        Ha ha – will be next year some now. I had been going to come over this year but there’s too many things in my life needing to be organised right now! So, keep those croissants warm for me – not to mention a spot somewhere in AYL!!

      • globie Says:

        No shortage of croissants, chocolate, plain, almond. There’s always a space for your mat, just let us know when. How’s the Bali plan?

  3. Helen Says:

    Great to see you Kevin, glad you had a great time 🙂

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