Little by little


Little by little my practice is returning, though as Tanya said today there’s no rush, still nowhere near being able to do the fun stuff I really miss like Supta K and the backbends, but 4 postures made it back in to the starting line up today. Well 5 if you count the almost Surya A which lacks a Chaturanga and has a 4 second Downward dog. I haven’t added Surya B yet.

Standing my arm still needs to find a couple more inches to reach my toe and a foot or so to toe grab UHP, luckily help is usually not far away when it’s time for that one.

Seated are where 2 of the postures have become possible, Upavistha A, I still can’t quite reach my left toe, but Upavistha B I found i can balance and hold the toe, it all seems to depend what angle the arm is at. A nice squishing from Emma in Baddha Konasana, her technique is more rolling the pelvis forward to get the head down, rather than just squashing the forward bend. Urdva Paschimottanasana was the other surprise, I can hold both sides now I have a little bit more strength, though I can’t bring the legs far in.

The usual intermediate poses to Salabhasana B, then Ustrasana for a backbend, though I did get my hands in to the right place for Urdva Dhanurasana, I still can’t do much more than push up in to a high bridge. T just watched me play cross arm hang backs before the Paschimottanasana squash.

The other 2 refound postures came out of the teachers view in the closing room, I could do the shoulder stand sequence, but today I managed to add in Matsyasana and Utana Padasana, so that just leaves Sirsasana and Uth Plutihi in closing to return, but as T said no rush.


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