Trying to make progress

The red stretchy band and all the new exercises are starting to stretch my left arm back to its original length, I found I can now almost grab my toe in Trikonasana and can even keep a hold of my left toe in UHP with my knee bent. For all that the arm still has zero strength in certain positions, I still can’t lift much physically and the arm is still struggling to lift vertically.

The Physiotherapy has gone up a level, not only has she given me back the red band but the half hour session now has a lot of her palm and thumbs being stuck forcefully in to my shoulder to try and break down any scar tissue and to get the arm more mobile, it did lift higher when she had finished torturing me, but a few hours later I had seized up and had to get the heat pad out, this on a day when the temperature hit 32C!

The progress or lack of, medical plateau and not improving, resulted in a surprise call from the Consultant’s Secretary, I hadn’t actually seen the Head Honcho since the surgery back in April, but turns out the Doctors I’d been seeing at Fracture Clinic had been reporting back to him and he decided that more intervention may be necessary and wanted to see me himself. 2 hours after my allotted appointment time I finally got seen and examined by the man himself. He concurred with the last Doctor I saw that it needs the Ultra Sound scan and if necessary a Glenohumeral injection in the shoulder to both alleviate the pain and to help loosen up the shoulder joint around the rotator cuff. And if that doesn’t work it may need a keyhole surgery procedure, but it’s the injection first. Eek didn’t think I’d be hearing the dreaded words “sharp scratch” again this year.

Think this is gonna hurt!

Hopefully the arm will respond and start to work and feel more normal before anyone starts sticking needles in or sending me to sleep to poke around via a keyhole.

David Keil, the man who makes yoga anatomy intelligible for those of us without medical degrees, has written a brilliant article on drop backs, not that I’m in a position quite yet to be able to try out any of his ideas, but without realising his article shows me I’ve been helping my future backbends with all the squatting I’ve been doing for Pasasana, lengthening the Achilles’ tendons. I first met David a few years ago in Bali and then did his basic yoga anatomy workshop in Sweden, he has a gift for explaining, in words that don’t go straight over my head at least, what we are doing to our body’s when we practice.


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