List of cant’s is getting smaller


Shala Art

Two Shala practices in the last 3 days, the first one at the local Shala, not for the heat or energy, but for the toy cupboard, full of blocks, bolsters and belts. Also I knew I would get some different help and input and so it proved. A pretty standard plod to Mari B on the second side, which up to now hasn’t been possible, but i found I could crawl my fingers along the strap until the fingers met and for the first time in 8 months they bound. Toys for Supta K where I piled up 2 stacks of blocks for my feet, this gave me the height to get the arms under, Cathy gently pulling the arms around and up until I had to tell her “enough”. It’s still either feet crossed or arms under, but not both at the same time.
Sirsasana was where I needed an opinion, at AYL in the finishing room you are on your own, but going local meant C could tell me that the problem is that the injured left shoulder is too far forward, which is why I can’t walk in very far and not lift up. Rectifying it is going to be another matter, but at least I know what needs to change now. Locally there is nobody waiting for my space, so time to experiment and not to mention being guaranteed a wall behind. So I tried Urdva Dhanurasana with the heals of my hands against the wall and tried pushing in to the hands, though I’m still a way from lifting, but the wall kept the hands in the right place, even if the left hand lifts. A worthwhile practice, with some different ideas.

After practice I was chatting to one of the Therapists who had practised with us, she is treating someone with the same fracture as I have and suggested some different stretches. She also showed me how to self massage the scar and scar tissue to get the tissue to start repairing itself.

AYL this morning, very quiet to start with and a spot 2 along from where Louise hangs out, so lots of assistance, Surya B assist and DD, then Padangusthasana and Trikonasana A straightening me up and making it be much more like it should. Same with Parsvakonasana B, treading on my heal and aligning my Hips.

Down on the floor in seated it was even warmer, Paschimottanasana squashing, Tiriang Mukha then with my strap bound both sides of Mari A and B. C & D still have a way to go. Though I did bind D on the second side 🙂 Supta K got my feet crossed and arms posted under the legs, though they can’t go round the back, but with my feet crossed Louise gave me a deep forward bend assist, sooooo good to do that. As you probably guessed I’m getting much deeper adjustments now, Louise has it sussed with the arm, saying after, how well things are coming along now. Having a wall behind me meant I could again try Urdva Dhanurasana with the heals of the hands jammed in place before playing backbends down the wall, followed by the full rucksack Paschimottanasana squash. Closing still Sirsasana is too risky, but at least the list of things I can’t do is now a lot smaller than the list of what I can.

Last week I asked Kino if she minded me doing her Mysore week in Denmark with my current state of injury and practice with its mods and omissions, AYL being closed for the Boss’s visit and TLC for the carnival. She said “You come!” So I am, should be great. Maybe I will get to see Sharath in Mysore if I don’t manage to get another job anytime soon.


2 Responses to “List of cant’s is getting smaller”

  1. suzanne Says:

    hey kevin,
    wow. sounds like your practice is really coming along 🙂

    any improvement with the arm in non-yoga activities- ie range of motion and lifting anything with it?

    • globie Says:

      Hi Suzanne, I seem to of had a little spurt of progress with practice.
      Off the mat the arm still doesn’t like lifting and although some strength is returning, like being able to just about do Downward Dog again, just lifting something like a couple of pints of milk out of the Fridge still isn’t possible.

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