AYL & a dose of Kino

Last AYL practice for a couple of weeks, what with AYL hosting the Boss from next Sunday. Got my usual spot in the corner, though there were a few spots to choose from, as it was quiet. Plenty of help, both Parvakonasana A & B, Louise was able to move my arm to where it needed to go,even though i couldn’t move it myself.PPC and UHP as usual assisted in standing.

Closed for the Boss

Seated are coming back, surprised to find I could touch if not grab my left toes with the left hand in Ardha Badha, it’s like “is that my toe?”. Marichyasana A & B bound both sides, C easily now on the good side and got assisted into D, which once bound was easy to stay in. The bad sides of C and D still have a way to go,but feel nearer. The Vinyasa is still mostly a Chaturanga, jump free movement, but I found I could jump forward to my hands, though jumping through is going to be a while yet. My arm was running out of energy by the time I got to Bhujapidasana so just lifted and tilted, but didn’t risk going all the way over.

Pasasana finger touch, then through to Salabhasana B was all good, must start experimenting with Bhekasana again soon. Usual closing Ustrasana, then putting my hands in the right place for UD but no lift, then the same but against the wall. My cross arm hang backs must be looking better, Louise came and took me into 3 deeply assisted bends, it’s so great to have that help again, she takes away my tendency to go back lopsided and gets me to control the breath.

Great to meet Shari from the Cyber Shala

A nice practice, but that wasn’t the end today, down to Soho to have breakfast with some other cyber Shala yogis, Shari over from the US, Helen and Mel cbefore doing Kino’s Twists workshop. It was great to meet Shari in real life, we kinda met in a round about sort of way last year at Kino’s London workshop, but didn’t realise it at the time.

This workshop was great, as apart from a couple of things at the end it didn’t involve my arm having to do much. The workshop focused on the twisting postures in Primary, Trikonasana B and Parvrita Parsvakonasana in standing and the Marichyasana’s in seated.

Kino demonstrating how to get the Lotus before going for the twist.

It concentrated on how the body moves and can be assisted to make binding easier or even possible. We assisted each other in Mari C, Shari’s great assist making it very easy to bind on my good side and even the bad side got further than usual.

She’s gonna fix my arm in Copenhagen!

Kino talked about thinking of “packing” the muscles over before going in to the twist, it was amazing how much easier Mari D seemed by following her instructions. Kino has a gift for breaking things down and getting you to go much further than you thought you could.

Kino’s workshops are always a challenge, she finished off with some core exercises designed to help the twists, so that all the torso engages and moves and not just the top of the chest, which is the tendency, all about getting out of the way what gets in the way, though not that I have much in the way again these days. Kino had us doing Navasana, then Bakhasana on our backs, moving between the movements while trying to keep everything engaged is HARD!

I had to sit out the final Bakhasana arm balances, even with new core strength my arm still can’t do anything like that.

As I was leaving she said “I’ll fix your arm in Copenhagen ” I can wish!


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