A new bind


Post part 1 of Kino it’s been a week of seeing the physiotherapist, she’s annoyed they didn’t do the injection as she said that will make moving the arm further, less painful, ie it should be able to go further than it can by now if it wasn’t for the pain. She used massage to aid rotating the shoulder joint in its socket, which she managed for the first time, though the shoulder is still VERY TIGHT, she has also given me a couple more exercises to add to my list.

I’ve practiced every day this week and on Friday went to the local Shala to get some assistance, as AYL is closed this weekend for Sharath. C lets me plod through in my corner, standing is becoming consistent now, I can even just about keep hold of my toe on the second side of UHP.

I’m having to retrain my arm in the seated postures, but some of the results have been surprising, Ardha Badha Padmot pre fracture I never used to be able to touch let alone bind my left toe with my left fingers, well not without Michaela pulling my arm round and sitting on me to keep it there, but in the last few days I began to touch my toe and then suddenly I can bind. So not only is what i had coming back, but movements I couldn’t previously do are now making an appearance.

Having assistance on hand meant I could try Bhujapidasana again, I can lift and get there, but C had to get me back up, the left shoulder can’t stay back and is keeping me pulled forward. Supta K I can get both my arms under again, but still a few inches until the fingers can dock again, but just being able to get in to that position is a step forward. The first stage of Supta Konasana is helping to get lift my arm higher, I have to try and roll down a bit to get the stretch. Like with UHP I can keep again keep hold.

Brick blocks for UD

Up to Salabhasana B is good, I’ve tried to get my hands in place for Bhekasana, but can’t get it, think I need someone to put them there. After Ustrasana every day I put my hands in place for Urdva Dhanurasana, the heal of my left hand just can’t push, the shoulder just can’t do it and the hand lifts up. So off to the toy cupboard for an experiment, take two brick shape blocks, place them at an angle against the wall and hey presto by putting my hands on the top of the bricks I can push up into something that looks like Urdva Dhanurasana, it’s a start and hopefully will retrain the muscle memory back in to my hand, arm and shoulder.

Dropbacks down the wall, knowing I can’t go all the way really makes sure the legs stay engaged, I’m getting lower and lower and can always come back up, so I hope this means when landing is possible again that standing up will be easier to rediscover.

C also came up with a block plan to retrain Sirsasana, but my shoulder just couldn’t rotate anywhere near the position she demonstrated, so closing is still lacking headstand and Uth Plutihi, but everything else is back.

Danish Pastry’s yoga fuel

I haven’t recovered anywhere near enough for Sharath’s London workshop, i was really hoping to do it with all my shala mates, instead it’s off to Copenhagen for a little holiday and a week of Mysore with Kino, I hope as she said, she fixes my arm, but she has also promised to show me the Chai and Pastry shop!


4 Responses to “A new bind”

  1. V Says:

    Had you paid for London?

    • globie Says:

      No, I left it as long as I could, but as Louise said its a few months too soon & was kinda glad when I heard it was full and the decision was taken out of my hands.

  2. Savannah Says:

    Enjoy your time there, Kevin. And don’t put too much weight on being “fixed”. All of the teeny tiny baby steps will add up to “fixed” one day. 🙂

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