Copenhagen Kino day 2 with some Borgen and Killing

Too much cake yesterday, well thats my excuse, as it felt much harder today. Lots of help in the right places, I think they observed a lot yesterday to see just what my arm will and won’t do. Getting help every day makes so much difference, pity physiotherapy isn’t more than just a once every couple of weeks event, it shows what’s possible, though a few hours later I can feel it.

My walk to the Shala

Tim’s PPC assist is the first time my arm gets stretched, then in Utkatasana he was rolling my shoulders inwards and making the back of the shoulder engage to stop it going forward so much, left to my own devices I don’t have the control to do this, but knowing what it should feel like helps a lot.

Seated nose to knee in Mari A with Kino sitting on me and then she assisted Supta K, well she crossed the feet but my arm just won’t go far enough round the back, so the bind was with a strap to fill in the missing 4 inches. It feels like Pasasana is going to come back before Mari C or D, both of which my arm currently can’t stand. Salabhasana B Tim got me to put the ribs in the floor and lift the legs more.

Closing UD attempts off the floor, my back and right arm are willing, but the left isn’t interested. Played around dropping back against the wall, walking my hands down etc, then Tim comes to assist, full repertoire of cross arm etc then on the last one he tells me to keep going back and take my arms out of the cross and over my head, as soon as my fingers touched the ground he brought me back up, so no arm stress, but the deepest backbend since 5th December when I last dropped back fully on my own, hope he does that again tomorrow.


Inside the City Hall, no sign of Troels!

Another long practice followed by some Sarah Lund and Borgen tourism, the Copenhagen tourist board have the main locations from the series on their website.


Polices HQ from The Killing

Managed to find the police HQ where the Gernigsman eventually gets taken in The Killing and the Town Hall.


The Black Diamond from Borgen

Then off to Borgen land to see the steps into the Danish parliament and the Library Garden with its fountain where politicians supposedly go for quiet out of earshot meetings.

Steps of the Danish Parliament

The pond has a Duck House on one side, I wonder if it was paid for out of expenses!


Duck House is to the right of the fountain



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