Copenhagen Kino Day 3 – and a walking tour

The B&B’s resident cat, who seems to have taken me for his long lost pal, is a clever little moggy, he heard my alarm go off this morning, forced the door open, jumped on the bed and gave me a ” it’s my turn now” kind of look, before flopping out and going to sleep.

Kino’s photo from today’s Mysore practice

Yoga was better today, well it felt easier at least, once the Surya Namaskars were done and the postures began. Much quicker today, more flow, the usual standing assists Padunghastasana and PPC. It amazes me how fast some people are, especially those who are split, one girl I noticed was already doing Pasasana while I still on PPC.


Seated began with a Kino squishing of Paschimottanasana, left alone after that to perform the new miracle of binding both sides of Ardha Badda P and after a lot of squirming to cross my own feet over my head in Supta K, I was tempted to just hang out there, it’s been so long since I did that on my own!


Kino assisting backbends

I discovered some of the brick shape blocks in the toy store, so after the rubbish UD attempts off the floor I got the blocks out and managed a UD using the blocks. Kino did my dropbacks today, three times down to finger touch the floor before starting the lift off, I came back up without her seeming to do much. Closing is still everything except Sirsasana, which I can’t find a way of working towards. Uth Plutihi last about 3 seconds.

View from breakfast

After breakfast I did the free walking tour, well it’s free except that they want tips at the end, but it was actually a good tour of the city that lasted three hours, taking in the main sights like City Hall, Parliament, The Queens house and the street where Carlsberg beer was first made.

Little Mermaid, impossible to get a photo without a Japanese tourist getting in on it!

Not quite sure what you are supposed to confess, Pasasana on. Friday perhaps!



4 Responses to “Copenhagen Kino Day 3 – and a walking tour”

  1. Ragdoll Says:

    I went to Copenhagen as a teenager, and that little mermaid picture always brings back memories. Another strong memory of that holiday is the Tivoli gardens – roller coasters and MASSIVE ice-creams covered in chocolate chips.

    Sounds like you’re getting lots of asana back now. I hear you on wanting to hang out in Kurmasana – I don’t get there alone, but when I get there comfortably I really just want to savour that moment.

    • globie Says:

      It surprised me how small it is in real life. Tivoli gardens look a bit dated to me, though queues outside every day.

      I’m getting asana back after a fashion, Kino’s been great about letting me do what I can and modify/omit what I need to. I loved doing Supta K once I got it on my own, I miss doing it properly.

  2. Ragdoll Says:

    They were dated when I was there! I think they have the oldest roller coaster in Europe – scarily rickety. But to be fair, my Dad might well have made up that ‘fact’ to add to the fun/fear.

  3. susiegbsie Says:

    Yes I remember going to Copenhagen many years ago, and being amazed to see the Little Mermaid. It was so small and the view of it was full of oil tankers or some such! Not how the tourism pictures showed it at all … 🙂

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