Copenhagen Kino Day 4 – last practice & The Bridge

My final Mysore practice with Kino and Tim, it’s been a great week. Less people there today for some reason, so more space and more help from the get go in Padunghastasana with Kino before Tim coaxed my left arm over in Parsvakonasana B, the arm will go, but just can’t do it on its own. A 4th day of deep stretch in PPC, why my arm is happier going backwards is a mystery.

Last walk to practice

As its Friday I was wondering if people would only do primary, but as I was being assisted in Purvottanasana I noticed the Finnish girl in the next row doing Pasasana, so figured its a usual anything goes day! Supta K is coming, I’d managed to cross my own feet and send the hands round the back, then realised I was being lifted up with my feet behind my head, Tim couldn’t get my hands to dock, the left arm can’t get far enough round or high enough yet, but a month ago it wouldn’t even go round the back.

Gustav Church

So after my bit of Friday second series it was time to experiment with the blocks against the wall again in Urdva Dhanurasana, if I get my feet in as far as I can then I can lift up, first one is good, second attempt is just about up, but by the third my arms had enough. As there was a bit of a backbend queue I played around dropping down the wall before Kino arrived for cross arm half way, then down to finger touch the floor before pinging me back up.


So a great week with yogis from all over Europe, the register was an ashtanga atlas, we came from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland and UK.

Sand sculpture

After breakfast I finally got round to doing the Boat trip around the city, my Landlady told me about one that is 50% cheaper but just as good. Interesting hour seeing the sights and some of the interesting buildings in the backwaters including an Apartment building built on the water that was converted from a Submarine base!

Training ship

Queen of Denmark’s Jetty

Ex Submarine dock, now Apartments

After lunch as the sun was at last shining I took a metro trip to the beach at Amager

Wind Farm in the sea

Its just beach, no funfair, not even a shop, just a beach with views of the (in)famous Oresund Bridge and the huge wind farms, with Sweden in the distance.

The Oresund Bridge where Saga Noren finds the body.

I had walked to the headland to get a view of the bridge when it suddenly went dark and started to pour with rain.



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