Back a week

I’ve been back almost a week from Copenhagen. Back to the familiar surroundings and faces at AYL on Sunday, I wondered if it would be either rammed full with post Sharath enthusiasm or fairly empty from post Sharath knackeredness! It turned out to be the latter. Still enough people to heat the place up though for a pretty good practice, Mari C could be back soon on the first side, after a week of daily help my left arm is not so averse to the idea of going around my right knee. All seems to be coming (back) up to Salabhasana B. played backbends down the wall, then Tom carried on from where Kino and Tim had left off, dropping me back to the floor, finger touch, before bringing me back up, so much fun doing that again, though doing it solo could be a work in progress for a while. As I headed for the Finishing Room Louise stopped me to say she could see how much better it all looked, compared to just a couple of weeks ago. Daily Shala practice with assistance makes such a difference.

Is there a “Gita 4 idiots” version?

After practice time for a quick croissant before heading to Mel’s for the Philosophy Discussion Group, this month we talked about Asana, why we do it and what the benefits are. Next month it’s the Bhagavad Gita, need to find a dummies guide as I’ve never read it!

No pain no gain

As its been 3 weeks since the non joined up NHS did my Ultrasound scan, but didn’t have anyone qualified to do the Glenohumeral injection, I decided to call them as no appointment was waiting on the doormat when i got home as I’d expected. Think they had forgotten me, as five minutes later they suddenly found a free appointment for the next morning! So off to the Hospital for another Ultrasound scan, still those pesky internal stitches are not dissolving. This time I saw a Radiologist who was qualified to do the injection, turned out to be more than one, a couple of nasty stinging anaesthetic ones to numb the shoulder before he inserted the big long one to pump the cortisone in to the shoulder capsule. Weird sensation as I could feel the needle and solution in my shoulder. I hope this is a case of no pain no gain, so far it’s as the physiotherapist predicted, feels like I’ve been kicked in the shoulder by a Donkey!


2 Responses to “Back a week”

  1. suzanne Says:

    there’s a prose version by joshua greene…a little easier for a first read. gita wisdom i think it is called.

    glad you have made a lot of progress 🙂 daily assistance helps so, i am sure, does daily chocolate.

    • globie Says:

      Thanks will check it out.

      Getting a double dose of help at the weekend, returning to P at TLC on Saturday for 1st time in 9 months & then AYL on Sunday. Both to be followed by chocolate croissant

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